Top 3 Terrifying Link Building Tactics That Can Penalize You!

Link Building Tactics

If you are running a website then you must know that there are certain rules that you need to follow. Whether you’re gaining traffic to the site, enhancing visibility through SEO or building links, all these tactics have to be done under some guidelines issued by Google. But I am not going to talk about each and every tactic here because my focus would be only on link building tactics. Every webmaster knows the value of link building because it is a significant ranking factor. However, in the hope of getting traffic or ranking to the site, webmasters end up adding bad links to the site which Google detests.

Are you wondering what these terrifying links are? Well, if it is your question then you are in the right place. In this article, I will enlist 3 major terrifying link building tactics that can harm your site and Google can penalize you for the same.

So let’s get started and read below.

The 3 top terrifying link building tactics might penalize you

Make sure to read all the 3 link building tactics thoroughly so that you don’t include them in your website knowingly or unknowingly.

1. Creating directory links for your link portfolio

If you build links then you might know what directory links are. In case you don’t know then here is the intro – directory links are the simplest way to get links to your site. There are many directory sites from where you can build links to your site. But reputable and NAP citations are the ones that can tremendously improve your local SEO. However, webmasters make a mistake here as they build from any random dictionary for which Google penalizes them. Therefore, if your site has plenty of links then Google will assume that your site has no value. And then Google will not rank your content higher in the search engine results page.

Solution: How can I forget to offer you a solution? So folks, don’t do the mistake of getting links from any random directory. Rather get links from directories that have something in common with the topic on your website.

2. Buying and selling links

This is the most common tactic I would say. It is because buying and selling tactics have become a trend in the digital world. To get a good rank on Google’s SERPs, many webmasters buy and sell tactics.

According to Penguin 4.0, Google’s ranking algorithm now checks for spammy links. A site that has paid for links usually has an unusually large number of outbound links compared to the site’s size. It is a signal that it could be putting out content that is designed to manipulate Google’s algorithm. So guys, it is clear that if you buy or sell links for your site then Google will penalize you for the same.

Solution: Rather than buying or selling links, you should focus on creating quality content. If your site has quality contents then you will automatically receive links. So try to create content that is useful, in-demand, relevant, unique, and in-depth.

3. Take a part in link exchange program

Well, link exchange is a kind of agreement that happens between two parties or more. Here parties agree to follow each other periodically. But Google considers link exchange as a large-scale occurrence of that as a signal of unnatural link building. Let me tell you that Google and other search engines consider link exchange as “game the system” and if you do so then you will be penalized. Therefore you need to convince Google and other search engines that links on your site are useful and relevant.

Solution: So the alternate way for you here is that you should focus on getting your premium content before trustworthy influencers in an ethical way. So the content distribution channels you should take into consideration are email campaigns, press campaigns, social networks, paid social media ads, forums, and community groups.

Over to you

Now you have read that all these 3 link building tactics are the terrifying way to get links to your site. If you didn’t know about these unethical tactics of building links then you should stop it now. Keep following these tactics might penalize your site by Google. I have also mentioned alternative methods to avoid using such unethical practices. So cater to what is relevant and valuable for you and your site and for Google.

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