Some important SEO tips for Cyber Monday

SEO tips for Cyber Monday

Let me explain first what is Cyber Monday? It is a marketing event created to promote online sales. It is a day, which falls on Monday right after black Friday. It is a large annual in-person shopping event, which directly follows American Thanksgiving Day.  For the first time, Cyber Monday occur on November 28 2005.

Must follow SEO tips for cyber Monday

Prioritize mobile compatibility:

The universal and immovable truth is that mobile users is increasing in the market and dominating E-commerce platform. On the eve of cyber Monday, the mobile searches goes high up to more than 30 percent. Approximately, 43 percent of mobile electronic purchases are made by consumers by looking at that product in online store. Hence, it is advisable that you utilize this day to the fullest. For doing that, you need to provide your customers a smooth and seamless mobile experience. You must do your best to avoid any type of SEO loophole like slow site speed etc. on this day.

Create gift guides and videos:

There is a phrase called “sheep walk” it is in the context that everyone follows the same thing without thinking much. Even today, approximately 70 percent of consumers start shopping without deciding what product or item they are going to purchase.

If you want to target them as prospective customers, adopt the strategy of gift guides and videos. Make curated gift guides and videos for YouTube to delight them and convert them into customers. Those consumers which are in a dilemma of what to purchase are a great opportunity for you. Don’t let this opportunity sweep out of your hands.

Push holiday content:

It is true, on the eve of Cyber Monday, more traffic is generated on E-commerce sites. If you want to divert this traffic towards your site, you need to  plan and enact early.

Early preparation means before the eve of cyber Monday start sending alerts and notifications via your ad copy, blog posts, email campaigns and landing pages.It is also good to mention the timeline i.e. year and date. Attach this information to your headlines,in order to assure customers that your sales are current.

If possible, make additional changes in the appearance or look of your website so that visitors can immediately notice your upcoming sales. The admin can also add countdown timer to its homepage, in order to generate the emotion of curiosity in the heart of upcoming visitors.

Always add holiday specific keywords:

  • If you want your holiday offering noticed in the eyes of the consumer, keyword research is a strategy that you should adopt.
  • Make sure that you utilize Google to find popular holiday related keywords. You can start  with the keyword “cyber Monday” then add your topic.
  • Always ensure that you properly utilize related search feature to find more keyword phrases. The bottom of your Google search can lead you to queries that you hadn’t searched or taken notice.
  • Always add best in your key phrase. Keep in mind that consumers always wants best deals and offers, therefore, make sure that you can compete with any best keyword.

Create links for your holiday sales:

Although an advertiser should make early preparation and planning to initiate the online advertising campaign on the eve of cyber Monday, in case if you haven’t been able to prepare early, don’t panic, you can still get some last minute exposure by increasing your reach to the fullest. You can adopt the strategy of reaching out the prospects one by one with the help of tools like mytool, Link assistant etc. These tools will help you in connecting to important industry figures. 

On a concluding note I would say that I have tried to give you the best possible SEO tips. In addition to this, make sure that your website content is optimized. Your website is opening properly on various mobile phones. Make sure your landing page is specifically built for this occasion. Use lucrative keywords like “coupons” to grab the attention of the prospects. I am pretty sure, your sales will hike up and you will be able to earn the desired output.