Social Media Prediction That Will Definitely Happen In 2020…

Social Media Prediction 2020...

We almost at end of 2019 and when we look towards the next year i.e. 2020 we naturally predict where technology will take us in the future. We all are part of growing technology and the most important part of this technology is ‘social media’. As social media has been in a trend over the last two decades. It has continuously changed our life since when it was first introduced. And it becomes thought-provoking to think about how it will continue to grow and change our lives.

Furthermore, it’s not wrong to say that social media has tremendously changed our daily life. It has not only changed the lives but also brought new opportunities for businesses for their marketing purposes. And it will continue to affect our lives in the future too.

That’s why today I am going to highlight some prediction about social media that will definitely take place in 2020.

Some social media predictions for 2020!!!

– Visual Searches

According to Andrew Ng, Chief Scientist at Baidu, ‘50% of searches are going to be through images or speech by 2020’. There is no need to type on a keyboard; you’re only required to upload an image to find out your search result.

CEO Ben Silbermann of a brand like Pinterest lens says “A lot of future of search is going to be about pictures or images instead of keywords”.

– Video Growth

Videos will continue to grow by 2020. It is seen that videos have already grown on various social media platforms. Let’s see the data from GlobalWbIndex on social video assumptions. Here is what you can see:

  • 56% of users on internet use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter to watch videos.
  • Videos created by brands are seen every month by viewers on social media.
  • 81% of people between the age group of 55-64 years old are watching videos on the internet every month.

The above data will continue to grow as there will be more and more mobile-first users. Video is the best medium to provide information for countries with lower literacy rate. That’s why the possibilities for social video are infinite.

– Social E-commerce will become more worldwide

With the growing technology social e-commerce is becoming more popular. And it will continue to grow over the next few years. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are already allowing marketers to build their presence with videos and visual contents. Businesses can take the help of social media platforms to propagate their products in the market. New social media platform such as Holonis provides social commerce as well.

– Artificial Intelligence will be omnipresent

According to Cedric Villani, lady gaga of mathematics, “Artificial Intelligence will be everywhere, like electricity”. And it is predicted that by 2020, 30% of all B2B industries will use artificial intelligence. Many artificial intelligence innovations will help marketers as they have the ability to eliminate mundane or tedious tasks. Algorithms already have influenced many aspects of our lives such as products we discover and contents we read on a daily basis. And it can be said that AI will radically change the way companies run their ads on social media.

– More innovation with mobile

There is a prediction made by Facebook that by 2020, more people will have mobile devices than running water. And it is estimated that around 3 billion people will have access to mobile phones by 2020.  Mobile will become the only way to access the internet for these users. People can get access to any information easily anywhere across the world. This can only happen via the emergence of the market with the new innovative technology in mobile devices.

– Growth of Messaging Apps

With the innovation in mobile devices, messaging apps will become even huger than they already are. They will provide businesses new ways to communicate with their customers. Facebook predicted that by 2020, 80% of smartphone users are expected to be using a mobile massaging app. Massaging apps will be really helpful for business if they get associated with social media to interact with their customers. Messaging apps will become the center of mobile commerce, product discovery, and customer relationship management.


Today Social media is a part of everyone’s life. And it becomes very important to think about how the world will look like in a year and how social media will continue to expand and change our lives and how we will interact with each other.

By assuming all the above prediction, one thing is clear that social media will continue to grow and change our lives. And after seeing its popularity we can say that it isn’t going anywhere.

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