Signs of a Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update still continue.

Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update

Every webmaster knows that Google algorithm is one of the complex structures that retrieve data from its search index and instantly delivers accurate results for any query users search for. The search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo use a mixture of algorithms and various ranking signals to deliver webpages ranked by relevance on its search engine results page (SERPs).

Now, Google algorithm is becoming a buzzword in the Search Engine Optimization world because a lot of updates have been made in algorithm from the past few months. There is no doubt that Google makes thousands of changes every year in the algorithm. And these updates significantly impact the SERPs. In my previous article, I have talked about Google algorithm updates in 2020 since January.

There were already some signs of algorithm update that people saw in past months. Again webmasters are seeing signs of Google search ranking algorithm update now. What exactly the update is about? Let’s discuss this below.

Signs that shows Google search ranking algorithm update still continue

From the first week of July, the talk which is prevalent in the SEO world is about Google search ranking algorithm update which is still visible. The webmasters are talking about that there is a more limited update that is impacting a smaller group of sites or a smaller niche. The last Google search algorithm update was around June 23rd which was for government sites.

Now people are witnessing new chatter at both Webmaster World and Black Hat World, and also social media. However, this seems to be limited from the threads. Here are some of the reviews which people shared:

  • The massive drop in search traffic for this month as per analytics and GSC. Whatever Google’s broken update is, it’s doing a fine job at screwing people up.
  • The education sector wrote – seems like something else is brewing for Google. All my competitors are getting hit as well.
  • Looking like a change in traffic today. The bounce rate has shot up with no change in rankings. Familiar signs that something is up.
  • Yesterday I noticed my website going up and down and then some pages went out of the top 100 and today gain to come back to their position.

Let’s talk about various Google Search ranking algorithm updates of this year.

Major Google Search Ranking algorithm updates

#June Google Search Ranking Update & Fluctuations (June 2)

At the starting of the month of June, people used to see early signs of a possible Google search ranking algorithm update but Google did not announce anything about this update. Still, people were seeing changes in their ranking and traffic. The last confirmed update of the Google algorithm happened in May named as May 2020 core update. After May, webmasters started noticing ranking changes, traffic changes, and crawling spikes, etc. However, Google said crawling spikes have no relation to Google update.

#Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update (June 18)

This is the second Google ranking algorithm update that people saw in the middle of June month. However, it was not a massive one but there was some increase in SEO community talks along with some tools showing signs of change in the Google search results. People saw a 20% drop in their ranking and their site outranked by content.

#Google Search & Discover Algorithm Ranking Update Over weekend (June 22)

So this is the third Google algorithm update that people saw at the end of the month of June. The whole SEO world full of talks about Google discovers traffic changes. In this update, Google Discover changes a lot because it sent a webmaster ton of traffic or no traffic at all. However, this update too was unconfirmed and it does not matter whether the update is confirmed or unconfirmed, the big change will happen to Google Discover traffic. In this update also, people witnessed a traffic drop in their site. On 23rd June also, there was chatter going on about the Google algorithm update.

The above are some July confirmed or unconfirmed updates that hit the performances of webmasters and SEOs. They witnessed a lot of traffic loss from the starting of the month of June. But there was no such confirmed update they saw from Google. And this time also there is no such confirmed update that Google announced officially still people are seeing fall in traffic, ranking, and many other things.

Final words

Google search ranking algorithm updates take place every year. This year also many search ranking updates have been witnessed by webmasters. Although some of the updates were unconfirmed yet people saw major changes in their rank and traffic of the site. And now the sign of Google algorithm updates are still being seeing but Google didn’t announce it officially. So whatever changes you are seeing are not happening because of any Google algorithm update. Whenever Google makes any update, they make an announcement officially. Don’t get fret just be calm and wait until Google makes an announcement about the Google search ranking algorithm update.

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