How to do SEO analysis of the website?

Running a website isn’t easy. You never know when your site drops traffic; lose s visibility, and ranking as well. A lot of time marketers face this issue where they suddenly say ‘why am I losing site traffic?’  You do hard and invest in SEO just to achieve website goals such as more traffic, visibility, and high ranking to the site, right. That’s why performing and conducting SEO analysis of website becomes important. Through SEO analysis, you learn the changes, and do the necessary improvements to keep it up to date and secure. Therefore, SEO analysis becomes important. Still, the question is –“how to do SEO analysis of the website?”

SEO analysis

Well, this article will talk about this only. Here, you’ll get to know how to do SEO analysis of the website.

So, let’s get started.

Steps to perform a complete SEO analysis of the website

✔ Look at whether your website is visible on Google or not

This is the main thing to check when getting going with your Website optimization analysis. You should check your site’s ranking and position on Google. You can likewise look at the number of pages of your site are positioned in the web crawler. The least complex approach to track down this out is by composing “” in the Google search bar. If your website pages are not visible then you can check the page URL, which will help you know whether your pages are live or not.

✔ Properly analyze URL and meta description

Another step you have to follow here is to analyze the website URL and Meta description. Your URLs should comprise of four or five words that portray the content of the page. In the event that your URLs are not improved, alter them so the web search tool bots can easily identify them. Also, the Meta depictions should have right keyword density and ought to be appealing. An elegantly composed Meta depiction helps drive clients to your site.

✔ Now analyze your titles and headings

After website appearance, URL, and Meta description analysis, it’s time to analyze your titles and headings. The titles and headings of your site ought to contain same keyword through the content. Check the keywords that you have used in your headers and titles. On the off chance that they are high inquiry volume keywords, are highly competitive. High ranking keywords ordinarily have high rivalry, so it’s hard to rank for them. You ought to likewise make the titles look alluring so clients are incited to tap on them.

✔ Do check your website ranking to see its position

To see how your website is performing, you must check your website’s ranking. You should check your site’s worldwide and public rankings as far as the quantity of clients visiting it. This can give you extraordinary bits of knowledge into your site’s situation as for any remaining sites. What’s more, you can get bits of knowledge about bounce rate and normal time spent by guests on your site. You can even see the main five keywords that are sending traffic to your site. This way you’ll know whether your website ranks and where not.

✔ Don’t forget to check the spam score of your website

Yes, friends! Spam score of website matters a lot. With regards to your site’s rankings and its authority, if your website has a ton of inbound connections from low authority sites, it can expand your spam score. You can discover your spam score and afterward dispose of the entirety of the awful inbound connections likewise. This is significant as terrible connections can sabotage your site’s position.

A list of advanced tools to do SEO analysis –

  • – SEMrush
  • – WooRank
  • – SEO Analyzer
  • – Link Research Tools
  • – Ahrefs
  • – HubSpot’s Wesite Grader

Concluding part

Conducting SEO analysis is important if you’re running an online business through your website. Without knowing how your SEO and website is performing, and you keep on investing in it isn’t worthy task at all. You must know what you’re getting out of SEO even if you’re investing in. In this article, I have talked about the ways to do SEO analysis; you can follow them without a second thought. Also, let me tell you that without having tool, you may not able to do SEO analysis. So, do a proper SEO conduct, improve what’s lacking in your website.

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