Revolutionary changes in Digital marketing with Blockchain.

Digital marketing with Blockchain

We all know that investing in digital marketing can be quite risky for many of us. Some may afford the risk and some may not. If you’re investing then you have to take risk otherwise you can forget to be a part of the marketing world. Don’t worry guys! You no need to forget to be a digital marketer. With the growing technology, we have seen many changes taking place in this field and believe me guys it has benefited many people. Now you will ask, how? right!

Well, let me tell folks, it is an ongoing revolution of technology which has changed the digital marketing world. The revolutionary technology I’m talking about here is “Blockchain”. Are you excited to know how blockchain technology has brought revolutionary changes in digital marketing?

So, let’s walk through the whole story.

Blockchain: a revolution in digital marketing

Blockchain is growing day-by-day in the digital world since the time of its first launch in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. He produced a decentralized digital currency called Bitcoin. Since then, we have seen many effects of it in the digital world. You can consider blockchain as an asset, accounting system, a secured payment method, a digital currency, and an investment opportunity. It is a kind of revolutionary digital package which provides full protection to customers as well as marketers.

In other words, you can say blockchain builds trust as there is no need for a third-party to verify your actions. The record of every transaction is recorded safely on a decentralized ledger for all users to access. This is the reason why more brands or companies are paying huge attention to blockchain technology. Interesting no?

Wait, guys, I haven’t scratched the surface yet i.e. the revolutionary changes in digital marketing with blockchain technology. Let’s discuss them.

What revolutionary changes blockchain technology brings in digital marketing?

Some of the revolutionary changes in digital marketing with blockchain technology that we have seen or we can see in the future are:

– Trustability

Blockchain provides an immense level of trust to marketers. With the help of this technology, it is possible to hack or change the existing block of information on the chain. It provides the trustability scale to peer-to-peer networks. Blockchain promises to provide full security and trust to its users in the digital marketing world.

– Decentralization

There is no need for involvement of third parties in moderating transactions, reviewing transactions or verifying information. It makes fewer chances of corruption or human error.

– Transparency

When we talk about trust, transparency plays a crucial role in building trust. Blockchain allows consumers to open access to review transactions. Blockchain is one such technology that provides companies with consumer trust. It provides verified documents and details to customers.

– Capital becomes more affordable

With the introduction of blockchain technology, start-ups and developers now easily can access capital through various tools that did not exist earlier. For example, Trust Token, a kind of technology that allows people all over the world to buy a stake in real estate or small business. Blockchain is also like this which allows marketers to acquire their own token.

– Changes in consumer expectations

Through the use of blockchain technology, consumers will be able to control their own transactional data or track the origin of particular items without any involvement of the third party.  Blockchain provides consumers with the platform they need to make centralized institutions which is accountable to society. 

– Enhanced cost and operations efficiency

As per the Accenture report, adopting blockchain could cut infrastructure costs for investment banks by 30%. As we know that blockchain eliminates the party to be involved in transactions, emails, or other kinds of advertisements. Blockchain provides a direct link to each customer and budgets that earlier given to middleman now can be used in some other area.

Final thoughts

As you can see that blockchain is changing the phase of digital marketing completely in an efficient way. It creates a new type of communication network for marketers as well as customers. Businesses can surely adopt this tool to strengthen the relationship between brands and their stakeholders and customers. Blockchain technology has the power to improve the quality of your overall business as it reduces the risk of fraud, and will only provide you 100% accuracy in your marketing. Hence, blockchain is a powerful technology that is revolutionizing many industries and also has a great impact on digital marketing.

You also must have to use blockchain technology to change the way of your marketing. For more information get in touch with us till then keep reading.