Pros and cons of using your own name as Domain

The sign of any professional website is its ‘domain name.’ Whenever professionals think of starting a blog, one thing they worry about the most is website domain name. Domain is something where everyone gets stuck. Some people think of a professional name and some think of using their own name. Nevertheless, people ask questions such as ‘it’s worth using the domain name or a creative one?’ or ‘should I use my own name as domain?’ These are some of the questions which make people puzzle a lot. But if you’re choosing your own name as DN then let me tell you there are many pros and cons of using it.

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So, before you get started with blogging, let’s take a look at both the aspects of pros and cons of using own name as DN.

The Pros of using Own Name as Domain

There are many benefits you will get to avail if you use your own name as DN. Following are the pros:

Establishing oneself as brand

The first pro of using your own name as domain is to establish yourself as a brand in the market. It’s good idea to choose your own name as domain if you want to establish yourself as brand in the market. Let me tell you one thing if your name is big and difficult to remember then make sure to cut it short. Try to be little smarter here. Just use your own first name along with niche as your brand name. Here are some examples: TechyAnkit, DigitalDivya, FoodieRia, etc.

Experts say to use a catchy and attractive tag line if you really want to use your own name as DN.

Build your profile/portfolio

Another pros of using own name as domain is that you get to build your portfolio or profile. Here it makes kinda sense. The interesting thing to know here is that many freelancers, designers, authors, bloggers, and digital marketers choose to use their own name as domain for some significant reasons or purpose. Not only does it establish yourself as brand in the market, but also helps attract clients to their freelance business as well. Additionally, the digital marketing agency in London also recommends freelancers to use their own name as domain. And help them with finding the right and suitable DN for their blog or website.

Become the face of brand

If you want to gain confidence in your brand and want to become face of your brand then make sure to choose your own name as domain. Let me tell you that there are plenty of people that like to connect with like-minded people. And no one can beat the person who is behind a website is in front. This is surely going to increase your confident.

Now let’s talk about the cons of using own name as DN.

The cons of using own name as domain

So, the cons you get to see using own name as domain follows:

Selling domain becomes hard later

Not every domain I’m talking about here. People who use their own name as domain and sell in the future it becomes hard for them to sell later on. And that’s the reason why it’s always advisable to people not to use their own name as DN. But you never know when it can become your business.

I can’t think of any disadvantage apart from this one only. If you know any other do let us know by getting in touch with us here.

Summing up

Domain is one of the most essential parts of any website or blog. If you want run a professional blogging site then you have to have a DN regardless of whether you’re using your own name or going creative with some other name. But if you’re using your own name, make sure to consider all the pros and cons listed in this article. If you see pros weight more than drawbacks, so one can safely use their own name as domain if you don’t want to sell your site in future.

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