Pros and Cons of using Logrocket conversion optimization tool

Logrocket conversion optimization tool

In my previous article I talked about various types of conversion optimization tools and another article was on “Fullstory” COT particularly. Now, this article will focus on the “Logrocket” another conversion optimization tool specifically. Here you will get to learn the pros and cons of it. Guys if you want to convert your visitors into potential customers then you must try out this tool once. Without wasting much time on chit chat let’s make a start now with the definition.

What exactly Logrocket conversion optimization tool is?

Logrocket – a type of conversion optimization tool which works wonder by recording everything users do on your site. It helps you reproduce bugs and fix issues faster. The customer support here is fantastic as it helps product teams build better experiences for their users. It also records videos of user sessions along with logs and network data. Besides, Logrocket surfaces UX problems and reveals the root cause of every bug and issue.

Moreover, Logrocket offers you basic features of prominent conversion rate optimization tools like analytics, search capabilities, integrations, and session recordings. So guys if you want to use this tool make sure you read its pros and cons.

Have a look at the pros and cons of the Logrocket conversion optimization tool.

The Pros of Logrocket

  • Logrocket captures the user live session with extreme lightweight that doesn’t make an impact on your application performance. It helps you resolve the production issues with valid data.
  • This tool is good for tracking user issues and guides them on how to do something in an app. It is a kind of lifesaver for customer support.
  • It gives you insights into your user activity on your site and makes it easy for you to convert them into potential customers.
  • The best thing about this tool is that it enables you to playback recordings of a user’s session on your website. You can also see how users are interacting with your pages and how many changes you need to do to enhance their experience.
  • Logrocket is very easy to implement as it will take less than 15 minutes of development to hook in your application.
  • With this tool, you can certainly see exactly what users have been doing to track bugs and weird behavior.
  • Finally, the main benefit of using this tool is that it is very easy to use and saves you a lot of time. It identifies any issue quickly.

The Cons of Logrocket

  • The first con of this tool is that it consumers your memory a lot thereby might affect your apps.
  • It doesn’t work on server-side which means there is no integration with what happened server-side
  • The loading time of the Logrocket tool is a bit slow which might become a hindrance in your work.

Over to you!

Logrocket is a great conversion optimization tool that you can use to know about your users and what they do on your website. It helps you build a better experience for your users. Guys, I hope you are able to get every bit of information about the Logrocket optimization tool through this article. You can also see Logrocket has more pros than cons so you can easily rely on this conversion optimization tool to know every info about your site and visitors.

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