Online reputation management and its importance.

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Your reputation in the market is important, isn’t it? Suppose, you’re running an online business, your foremost duty is to make sure your site is performing well. When anyone looks for services, they definitely search for the best services provider online and public reviews on the service providers. As a marketer, you always seek that your business’s goodwill and reputation in the market is at the top. I am sure that every online marketer wants to know his business performance and its reputation in the digital marketing world. However, there are many marketers who sell their products online irrespective of their business reputation in the market.

Folks, let me tell you that if you’re running an online business then you must know what online reputation management is and its importance. Knowing this will help you to grow your overall business in the future. So, let me start with the concept of online reputation management.

Online Reputation Management in Digital Marketing

Online reputation management (ORM) refers to managing a brand’s reputation. In other words, it is a method to manage the online reputation of a person or a business or an identity. However, the key role of online reputation management is to show the positive and promotional aspect or content for your business. ORM always make sure that people find you in the right way and not through negative and misleading info about your business.

Furthermore, through online reputation management, you can create and maintain a public image of your brand. Every big company’s major aim is to take care of its business’s reputation on online platforms.

Importance of Online Reputation Management.

Before making an online purchase, I always look for the brand reputation or goodwill and other customers’ reviews for that brand in the market. Do you also do the same thing? I know no one wants to invest in the bad or hackneyed brand and that’s why potential customers change their decision when they see bad reviews, negative post or comments on social media networks. To retain your customers, you must understand the importance of online reputation. Some of them are given below:

– Boosts business sales

If you maintain your positive reputation in the market, it will help you increase your sales and fetch you more potential customers. 25% of digital marketers expressed that managing an online reputation in the market is a growth in sales. It eventually clears the path of buyers to feel confident in deciding to make a purchase of the company’s goods and services.

– Strengthen trust and credibility 

Having a good or well-maintained reputation in the market adds an star to your business. It is obvious that your customers will discuss your products among their peers, relatives, etc. All this will build trust among your customers for your brand. This also increases the confidence in them to make repetitive purchases. If your brand suffers a loss of confidence in the public, there might be a chance that you’ll never be able to turn it into positive again. Its very difficult to build positive image in front of customers

– Increase profits and revenue 

Earning more profit is the aim of almost every marketer. If I talk about online reputation then businesses having a good reputation in the market attract both business and customers. This can be a benefit for marketers to earn extra profit for their companies. According to the Harvard Business School Working Paper, managing online reputation cause an increase in the business’s revenue as high as 9%.

– Lower the reputation risk

We all know that companies having a bad online reputation tend to make fewer earnings. If as a marketer, your business reputation is tarnished then improving it may sound like a daunting task to many of you. You have to do it anyhow. There are many steps that can save a damaged reputation and can reduce the reputation risk down the road.

– Engage better employees

Managing online reputation not only attracts your customers but also opens up the door for your employees to work with your company. Let’s face it- only 1 in 5 job seekers will consider working for a company with a 1-start rating. We all want to work with a company having a 5-start rating or whose online reputation is best in the market. Companies with better reputations tend to attract more and better talent.


Folks, I just want to say that if you’re into marketing then you must know the importance of online reputation management for your business. Try to effectively incorporate online reputation management strategies to reap the benefits of your efforts.

You can also take the help of online reputation management agencies to achieve the goals of your business. You should know that online reputation management is not a simple buzzword these days. It’s an undeniable reality and if you’re not serious about protecting your business reputation, why you’re still running the business?

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