Marketing Strategy to Get More Qualified Phone Call Leads

Phone Call Leads

The only thing digital marketer care is about generating more sales leads. Do you agree with me? Of course, you do, because without generating quality leads, you might end up winding up your business. Therefore, you can say that lead generation is the lifeblood of your business. But if I look at phone call leads particularly then call leads are 10 times more likely to convert as compared to other types of online leads. And the best example of call lead is BPO sectors, especially the international ones.

I hope you got my point what I will talk about in this article. Yes, you’re right! I will explain to you the ways to generate more qualified phone call leads in your digital marketing business.

So are you gear up? Let’s get started now.

Best marketing strategies to generate qualified phone call leads

– Get phone call leads from mobile emails

Email marketing is an established way to increase your sales leads. But when your objective of email marketing is fulfilled, will you want your customers not to click the back button? Of course not. You need to make your customers stick to your email. How do you do that? You can add click to call button or your business contact number in the email itself. It will surely give your business instant call leads and an easy way for your prospect to enquire about your products and services.

– Add phone number to social media sites

As a digital marketer, you should know how important social media is for your business. Without having an account on social media, you might remain behind in the market competition. So if you have a social media presence, then use it for lead generation. For instance, Facebook gives you an option to add the ‘call now’ button right at the top of your Facebook page. If your prospects visit your page and want to avail of your services they will definitely click on the ‘call now’ button to reach out to you. Thereby, social media platforms will fulfill your purpose of getting call lead generation.

– Use Google call extensions

Google call extensions you add in Google ads. Today, the majority of people spend time on their mobile devices. So if you don’t add a call extension option to your Google ads will be like cooking food without adding salt. Google call extensions give you the option to add a clickable call button to your mobile search ads. This is actually a good option for you to generate more qualified leads for your business.

– Make your contact number visible and accessible

It actually happens most of the time when you add your contact number to your site but it doesn’t show up. And no person has that much time to drill it out. So what you can do? You have to ensure that after adding a business contact number. It should be visible on your site so that your prospects don’t drift away. Don’t let your prospects visit your competitors’ site.

– Utilize Google call only ads

The usage of mobile devices has been growing day by day. And call-only ads to appear only on mobile devices or devices that are capable of calling. Moreover, you also get an option to specify the time during which you want to show your ads to your callers. Let me tell you that both call-only ads and Google call extensions let your prospects call your business in a single tap. It is a good and easy way for your prospects to reach you.

Wrapping up

Call lead generation is a great way to get higher conversion rates for your business. You only need to do is just show your business contact number on relevant places where your prospect can access you easily. However, it might take your time and effort if you fail to get qualified leads. Then you will need some marketing strategies to generate qualified call leads. I have already mentioned the best tactics above, just follow them to generate qualified call leads for your business.

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