Know how good your SEO ranking is?

SEO ranking

Let me ask you a question first, what is the most essential element of SEO? Yes, you’re right, it’s keywords. Keywords are the fundamental part of SEO, but why am I asking this to you folks? As a website operator, it’s absolutely necessary for bloggers or SEO professionals to check their SEO ranking. How well your site ranking is, determined by keywords you employ in your content. Quality keywords are the most important to form a link between well-optimized sites and users.

However, including quality keywords in contents won’t help you know how good your site rank is unless you check it on your own. And I can say this because one of the most common mistake website operator or bloggers make is that they write and publish articles without targeting any keyword at all.

Tracking keywords to know the site ranking

Yes, tracking keywords help you know the performance of your site and its ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages on Google. We know that maintain online presence is important to marketing business products and services simultaneously, monitoring keyword ranking is what ultimately helps you find search trends to recognize what your target market demands.

Furthermore, knowing keywords ranking will not only improve your chances of reaching your target audience but will show you which marketing strategy works and which one needs improvements.

However, there are many keywords tracking tools which help you know whether your keywords rank a good site or not. I will not discuss the keyword ranking tools here as I have discussed them in my previous blog. For your reference I mentioned their names below,



Google Rank Checker

SERP’s Keyword Rank Checker

Google Analytical Tool

So, let’s move further and check your SEO ranking.

Determine how good your SEO ranking is with the following points

Below are the tips to determine your SEO ranking. Just read them carefully.

  • As a website operator, your first duty is to keep uploading the “quality content” to your site. When you produce high quality-contents, Google itself brings your site to the top of the search engine result pages. So, you can check whether your contents are qualitative in nature or not.
  • After that, you can also determine the “page loading speed” of your site. It’s very simple; if your site speed is slow then it can badly impact your SEO rank. The bad rank of your site might not fetch you more visitors to your site. Try to keep checking your site speed to know how good your SEO ranking is.
  • As a blogger, I always focus on “short blogging”. I know that blogging helps me engage with more visitors to my site and it also improves SEO ranking. That’s why I always make sure to establish a large group of faithful readers as it ultimately helps me achieve a good SEO ranking.
  • When you see any “broken link” to your site, what you do then? Of course, you fix it instead of just ignoring. Why I’m telling this is because broken links can crush your SEO rank. If you want to have a good SEO rank make sure your site is free from broken links.
  • Starting this blog with “keywords” let me remind you again that keywords are the major component in the SEO world. You can’t ignore them. Make sure your keywords fit naturally into sentences rather than stuffing your contents with keywords. They also determine your SEO ranking. So, be wise in choosing them.


In the closing part, I just want to say that checking your site SEO ranking is very essential to keep your site more effective and efficient. Through this article, I have explained to you everything about keywords, their importance and their role in SEO.  I have also explained to you about SEO ranking and how you can check whether it’s showing the good rank of your site or not.  So, make sure you incorporate all the above-mentioned points in your website to determine the good SEO ranking.

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