Impact of “Halo Effect” in digital marketing

"Halo Effect" in digital marketing

We all have heard a popular adage “What is beautiful is good” right. With this saying what we understand, it is simply means we always considered what is beautiful, attractive, and charming is good. Isn’t it? However, this is what we usually see and apply in our life. For example – we buy products that look attractive and charming irrespective of their price and inside quality. This kind of thinking is what fetches marketers more customers and lead generation. So, let me ask you guys have you ever heard the term “Halo Effect”? Basically, the purpose of my article is only to make you aware of Halo Effect and its impact in the digital marketing industry.

Let’s get started with the concept of the Halo Effect

As I told you above that we always like products which easily attract our eyes. Let me give another example- good looking people perceived to be more intelligent, more popular, and more successful. This is called the Halo Effect in psychology.

Furthermore, marketing and psychology are closely related. If psychology is the “systematic study of human behavior”, then marketing is the “systematic study of human behavior in the marketplace”. This is a physical attractiveness which is a common factor in a Halo effect, as someone who is perceived to be more attractive will be assumed to have other positive personality traits and abilities.

Let me tell you, folks, Halo effect also works in the marketing industry. It effectively brings a positive impact on marketing.

Let’s discuss the halo impact in digital marketing

The following are some of the Halo effects in digital marketing which really brings a positive impact in marketing strategy. Let’s read them out.

– Increase brand awareness

How do you increase your company’s brand awareness? Just telling people that you have a good reputation, doesn’t actually work for your brand. You need to show them how good your brand is. This is where the Halo effect works. The halo effect will help you pull the rest of your service forward. It makes your brand presence more attractive which ultimately increases your brand awareness.

– Attract more customers

As I told you bringing Halo effect in your marketing can help you fetch more customers for your brand. It will help you generate more lead conversion rates for your marketing. Eventually, you will be able to yield more profit and revenue.

– Increased sales

People tend to purchase those products which catch their eyes the most. We all like beautiful, attractive, and charming products and end up purchasing them no matter how costlier they are. This is what the Halo effect usually does in the marketing industry. Marketers use the Halo effect as their marketing strategy which helps them increase their sales.

– Helps in promotion

It is quite new but yes marketers often take advantage of the Halo effect in their marketing promotion. The one common way of doing this is celebrity endorsements. We all get attracted when we see any celebrity in an advertisement, that’s why the product seems to be more desirable because of the celebrity’s popularity.


The Halo effect brings a good impact on your marketing business. When you incorporate the Halo effect in your marketing strategy it brings you a much positive impact in your business. Marketers can use this effect to alter the perception of your website, brand, or product. You just need to associate it with something attractive or successful people and campaigns.

There are many benefits or say the positive impacts of the Halo effect which you have read above. So, don’t think twice and make it a part of your digital marketing strategy.

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