Hyper-Personalization, Why you need it in your marketing.


Personalization is one such term in marketing which I guess every marketer knows about. Why I am saying so because customers like to purchase products from the organization that offers them a personalized experience. Customers also appreciate the method of personalization in marketing. And Accenture study has also revealed that 75% of customers are more likely to purchase from an organization that offers personalized services based on their individual preferences.

However, basic personalization is not enough for digital marketers therefore you need to move one step further to learn about ‘hyper-personalization.’ So let’s talk about hyper-personalization and why you need it in your marketing.

What exactly the term hyper-personalization means?

In very simple words, hyper-personalization is a more advanced approach than personalized marketing. Basically, it adds artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time data to supply more relevant content, product, and service information to every customer. Moreover, hyper-personalization utilizes behavioral and important data to create highly contextual communication that is relevant to every user.

Let’s understand this with examples.

In personalized marketing, you send emails to the user with their first name in the subject line. This is actually not such an engaging approach to connect with customers.

In hyper-personalized, you send notifications about flash sales, discounts on goods, maximum purchases happening on Sunday, and more information based on the browsing history of users.

Now let’s read why you need hyper-personalization in marketing.

Need of hyper-personalization in marketing

The following points will help you understand the need of hyper-personalization in your marketing. Have a look below.

# Reduces the efforts of your customers

As a marketer, do you want to offer a great user experience to your customers? I am sure, you would definitely. This is one of the marketing goals that you can achieve by integrating hyper-personalized marketing. It reduces the efforts of your customers and provides them what they are looking for. You basically remove any obstacle in the sales funnel which leads to a simplified shopping experience. So the more easy and simple shopping experience you provide to customers, the more sales leads you will generate.

# Eliminates the problem of choice overload

Another way you will need hyper-personalization in marketing is that it will eliminate the choice of overload of customers. There are many customers who get confused when they see so many products and don’t know which product to buy. So here comes hyper-personalized marketing that eliminates the problem of “choice-overload” where a customer feels overwhelmed with a wide range of options. As per the data, 39% of customers leave a website and buy from a competitor after being drowned with options.

Here, hyper-personalization helps solve this by providing them with only those options that they actually need.

# Helps solve customer problem

Well, there is no difficulty in attracting customers in today’s digital marketing world. But a lot of information is there on an online platform which might confuse the users. Therefore, it is very important for every marketer to provide easy and simple information as possible. And this you can achieve with hyper-personalized marketing where marketer focuses on one user and addresses their pain points to save their time. The more instant information you provide to users, the more they will come to your site and spend more time there.

Some important points on hyper-personalization. Have a look below.

  • As per Google, “best” search phrases have increased by 80% in the past 2 years on mobile devices. People are searching online heavily to make more informed decisions.
  • As a marketer, your message only has 8 seconds to capture the attention of your audience. And to get noticed, the communication has to be strong enough that can stand out clear between you and your customer.
  • Now the user engagement with user content has gone down by 60% and overload information is making consumers confused. Therefore, when you add a hyper-personalized approach in marketing, this barrier will also eliminate marketing.

The bottom line

Hyper-personalized marketing is very effective and result-oriented as it makes everything easier and simpler. In fact, a total of 86% of marketing professionals consider the effectiveness of an AI-powered hyper-personalization strategy to be changing for a better future in marketing. There is no doubt that if you make an investment in hyper-personalized marketing, you will see positive changes. All you need to do is just start with this as soon as you can.

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