How will you know what your customers want to see on Instagram?

what your customers want to see on Instagram

For any business or marketer, customer’s satisfaction is the most important thing. No business can run successfully without customers in the long run. And the customers need is the most important thing to know to make the customer happy and satisfied. Whether you’re an online marketer or offline marketer, listening to your customer is a proven way to understand their needs and wants.

Here, in this article, I will talk about Instagram’s customers specifically. There are many businesses or marketers who operate the Instagram account without knowing exactly what their customers want to see on their visual platform i.e. Instagram. 

Let me tell you that Instagram is a perfect platform for this. It allows users to express themselves towards community retrieve information about brands, that’s why customers are more likely to engage with brands on this platform.

But how will you know what customers want to see on your Instagram account? Yes, you’re right! It is through “Feedback”. I am going to share some points for you to know about your Instagram customer.

Some tips to know what your customers want to see on Instagram.

-Scan your Inbox Message

Customers want to connect with you through the social media platform. This can be the reason that they might be messaging you to connect with your brands. Through messages, you get to know that your potential customers want to see on your Instagram account. Although it’s very tough for you to follow every customer on Instagram, you should keep an eye on the inbox.

-Creating polls and contests

When you create online polls or contests it helps you understand more about trendy products. Marketers can check the list of people who have voted; you can analyze your potential customer’s profile and find more about your target audience.

-Let customers ask questions in stories

Another way to know what your customers want to see on your Instagram account are to allow them to ask a question in stories. This feature of Instagram helps you understand more about your customer’s preference through stickers. For example, when Instagrammers view your story with a sticker, they can type their question in the stickers. This is how you will get to know what they want to see more in your account.

-Read customer’s comments

To understand your followers or customers better; you really need to read your customers’ comments to know what they say about your company and its products and services. I know you will get many negative comments from people, but you no need to get hyper rather give a polite reply and ask them for a reason behind such a negative comment.

-Instagram ads that your customers want to see

Instagram ads are what increase the engagement of your customers by 65%.  Colored visuals attract the eyes of your audience and compel them to follow and know more about you. Make sure to not to use illuminated visuals to represent your brand. Dark and blur visuals might not like by people. 

-Quality photos and videos

Instagram is all about the visual representation of your brand in a creative way. This is what your audience wants to see that looks appealing to them. So always try to use quality images and videos that will go on a long run in increasing your post reach. You will soon see your audience interacting with your brand.


Instagram is one of the best visual platforms to showcase your company’s brand products globally. Now it has become a powerful marketing tool to drive more sales leads. You can also connect with your audience and establish a relationship with your customers and understand more about your brand and products. All this can happen only if you understand what your audience or customers want to see on your Instagram account.

So, to keep your audiences engaging with your products try to incorporate the above tips in your Instagram marketing strategy so that you can also get to know about your audience and their demands.

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