How to use the 7S model for effective marketing?

model for effective marketing

In digital marketing, you will see many marketing models to examine your company’s structure and performance. But how will you know which one is best for you? You no need to ponder anymore because in this article I will talk about 7S model for effective marketing.

The 7S marketing model was developed by McKinsey back in the 1980’s. The 7S element includes – Structure, Strategy, Skills (these three are the hard elements), Staff, Style, System, and Shared Value (the rest are soft elements). This is a strategic tool that analyzes the company’s organizational design by looking at these 7 core elements.

So let’s talk about 7S elements in detail to gain more knowledge so that we have clear idea about how to use them. Are you gear up? Let’s move on.

The use of 7S model for effective marketing strategy

1. Strategy

What should be the strategy of the business? A question that every marketer should ask themselves. Do you think your business can run without having a proper strategy? Of course no. Therefore, this 7S business model asks you to make a powerful strategy for your business and implement it. Think about how you can set your business apart from competitors, and what position you want to carve in the future. However, in the 7S model, strategy means having a long-term vision in mind that helps the firm to attain a long-term and competitive advantage. Moreover, the short-term strategy is a less effective and poor choice but if you implement properly will surely bring results as per the model.

2. Structure

Another element in the 7S is structure. The structure talks about the organizational chart of any firm. It tells you about the roles and responsibilities that are split amongst the different business divisions. Moreover, the units inside the business show who is accountable and answerable to whom in the entire hierarchy. The 7S model helps you expand your company’s structure to better manage and present it in a unique way.

3. Systems

The system of any business lets you know how to achieve goals and how to do business in a particular way. In management work, the system is the main focus and members of the organization make it key stuff during the process of organizational change. The 7S model system helps you disclose the performance of daily activities of the business that ultimately helps you make a better decision about the company.

4. Skills

McKinsey’s 7S model focuses on skills that are essential for any organization to have. Skills are basically helping companies to reinforce the new strategies and structure during the process of organizational change. Moreover, you can say that skills are the abilities of employees to function a particular work in an efficient manner. Skills also consist of capabilities required to attain the goals and objectives of any organization.

5. Staff

No business can run without staff, right. As a company, your focus is on people who have good skills and qualities to do work. In the 7S marketing model, the element of staff focuses on the type of employees the company needs to be recruited, trained, rewarded, and motivated to attain its aim and objectives. So as an established organization, you also must focus on employees that can work for you.

6. Style

The sixth element of the 7S marketing model is style. The style of the company represents the management style of the leaders of the company and the way they manage their staff. Moreover, this element also focuses on how the organization achieves its goals and objectives. Here managers play a great role as they come up with new ideas that they believe their staff will use to get higher ROI for the company.

7. Shared values

The last and important element of the 7S marketing model is shared values. It suggests that the guiding concept of the organization should be visible via external as well as internal sources. If you neglect shared values, your company will be at risk. You will be lost in the crowd of competition. This all will lead to loss of productivity so focus on shared values also.

Final words

So the final section of the article says that the 7S model of marketing is the best for any company to work on to achieve organizational goals. I hope this article will help you make a successful digital marketing program. So try and follow the 7S marketing model to achieve the results which you have dreamt of.

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