How To Generate Meta Description For Your Website Content?

What is the thing that can tell what your website or article is all about? Any guesses? If you guessed Meta description, you’re right. Meta description is a short description highlighting what your content or website is all about. Though Meta description is a powerful way of conversion, may not be a ranking factor. Nevertheless, generating compelling and attractive Meta description is the need of every digital marketer who runs a website.

Generating meta description

So, how to generate appealing Meta description for your website content? This article is a definitive guide on the same. I will start from scratch. Make sure to read this article till the end.

Let’s dive in below.

What is SEO Meta description, you ask?

In simple words, SEO Meta description is a short about 1-2 line description consisting 120 to 156 characters. Website owners use Meta description that helps provide a concise summary of the content on the page. Moreover, Meta description helps search engines find what your page or website is all about. The fact is that Meta description makes a direct impact on how people see your website in search engines. And there are numerous reasons as why people use Meta description, which include:

  • – Meta description provides users information about content on your website.
  • – Search engine determine how relevant your website is
  • – Meta description brings you higher conversion rate
  • – It reveals that your website has something significant for users.
  • – It helps you fetch more traffic to your website and increase conversion rate.

These were the top reasons highlighting why you must be using meta description in your website.

Smart tips to generate and optimize SEO Meta description

Here are some significant ways you must be following to create compelling Meta description. So, let’s talk about these tips given below.

✎ Write description for every content

Meta description is not just meant for website page content only but also for every blog post you write and publish on your website. You have to tell your audience why they should be coming to your blog post by writing a compelling Meta description. You can’t chalking down Meta description for any blog post or web page otherwise you’ll lose high traffic to your website.

✎ Avoid plagiarism

Don’t use plagiarism practice. You can’t copy paste or use duplicate Meta description otherwise it will badly impact your overall website health. Make sure your website should be UNIQUE. In case, you aren’t able to generate compelling Meta description, make sure to use Meta Generator Tool. This tool will help you save time. Ensure that your every page consists unique Meta description.

✎ Restrict with characters

Above I have already told you that Meta description should be between 120 and 158 characters. So, you need to abide this and write description restricting with the characters. Writing beyond the limitation will make the description over-optimized, which is bad for the health of your website. You must keep this thing in mind and let your website health remain the way it should be for search engine.

✎ Integrate targeted keywords  

Your Meta description is incomplete without adding focus keyword into it. Whether it’s page title, page content, or Meta description, everything must include targeted keyword. So, when people search anything on Google pertaining to your niche, it will appear on Google if you add keyword in it. Well, keywords give signal to search engines about your website page.

✎ Use active-voice

A good writing style is one that uses active voice as much as possible. Make sure to add active language when writing meta description about your website page or blog post. Active voice is easy to understand and readable. In fact, people pay attention to active voice rather than passive voice.

✎ Use rich snippets for social media

You can’t ignore the power of social media when talking about meta description. Website is the only place that ensures to bring you traffic to your website rather social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are every powerful platform to bring you high traffic to your website. So, make sure to write compelling meta description (short description) for your social media platforms.

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✎ Avoid using quotation marks

Though quotation marks are worth using in marking quotation, using them in meta description will not be effective. Why? Because using quotation marks in meta description can break the HTML code of the page. So, don’t use them in your description.

The ending note

In the bottom part of this article, I will only say that meta description is very powerful way to reveal what your website page or blog post is all about. Moreover, meta description also helps search engine and people know why they should be visiting your website thereby you increase the conversion rate to your site. Above in this article, you have read what meta description is all about, reasons of writing it and ways to create and optimize meta description for your website.

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