How to check for bad organic traffic?

bad organic traffic

Operating a website without having enough organic traffic is not worth operating at all. Do you agree with this? You have to because without having organic traffic you’ll not be able to generate leads and see the boost in your sales. And this might be a common situation if you operate a website; at times you experience the sudden drop or bad traffic in your site which ultimately impacts on the rank of a website. So whenever you go through this situation, you’re likely getting into the pool of reactions like panic, confusion, and a sense of uncertainty about how to make things go in the right direction again.

Therefore, it’s better to go to the bottom of it as soon as possible to forbid more ranking, conversion, and sales losses. I feel it’s the time of crisis that you need to have a proper check. So if you want to know how to check for bad organic traffic then you’re at the right place. Just keep reading below.

Some significant ways to check for bad organic traffic

If you want to enhance your site traffic and its ranking then you must check the points given below:

1. The Quality of Your Content

I intentionally kept this point on the first number because content especially quality content plays a significant role in your site traffic. Search engines like Panda and Google have already released guidelines to deal with low-quality content. Panda has stopped site with bad quality content from appearing on search results. Likewise, Google punishes low-quality content and rewards high quality-contents. Thereby, this is the mistake that people tend to make by producing content for the sake of producing only and ultimately see the bad quality traffic to the site.

How to fix: You can pay more attention to your content by incorporating relevant keywords, highlight your subheadings, use high-quality images, produce lengthy content, and answer your prospect’s questions.

2. Changes in Google Algorithm

The second point to considering checking for bad quality traffic is to see the changes in Google Algorithm. As per reports, Google changes its algorithm up to 600 times a year. The major updates like Hummingbird or Panda can really wreak havoc within the traffic and search rankings. Google Algorithm changes and updates are very significant for any webmaster or SEO, if you don’t pay attention to it, your site traffic will likely fall down.

How to check: The only solution to get away with this problem is to frequently keep updating yourself with changes made in Google Algorithm. Well, you can get updates of Google Algorithm through our blogs or else you can follow the SEroundtable.

3. Loss of links

Link losses can also lead to bad traffic to your site. You might see a direct loss of the referral traffic. I tell you what when you lose inbound links, it tells Google that your site isn’t authoritative anymore which ultimately leads to lower search rankings that in turn in lead to bad traffic to your site. So folks, if your site loses then also you see the bad traffic occurring to your site.

How to fix: In case if you suspect your links causing the bad traffic to your site then you can use tools like Ahrefs or Majestic. These two biggest link checker tools will help you determine if you lost any links or not.

4. Unreliable Tracking Code

This is another point that might cause a site to lose traffic. It mostly happens when a site gets more unreliable data and tracking code. It usually happens when you make changes to your website code or even analytics plug-ins can create problems for tracking code. Having unreliable data to your site means giving an invitation to a third party to visit your site and harm.

How to check: You can check your tracking code by going to the tracking code section – find it at Admin>Tracking info>Tracking code- and then look for the status type of the page. This eventually lets you know whether your data is being reliably read by Google Analytics or not.

5. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a significant factor letting your know about your organic traffic of the site. It basically tells you of what’s going on with your site’s organic traffic and beyond. To know about the traffic performance of your site, you must automate the Google search console. Not checking it means, you’re killing your site traffic by your own hands.

How to check: Through Google search console you can optimize the visibility of your website and check its indexing status. You can also check the external and internal pages linked to your site, site errors, the crawl rate, and keywords searches that help your site appear in SERPs.

Summing up!

Guys, you no need to panic about the bad traffic or decline in it. I know it might scare you to some extent as bad traffic means reduced visibility, low lead generations, and less revenue. All you need to do is just go through the above-given list and check the traffic of your site and follow the guidelines as mentioned. If you do it and have full control of your site then I’m sure you will surely yield a great amount of traffic to your site.

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