How technology has altered traditional marketing?

How technology has altered traditional marketing?

We are living in a world that is dominated by innovation and technology. The Internet has literally changed not only our lives but also our way of living. Whatever information we want, we get it instantly in just a single tap. If we look at the major change that technology has brought is in the field of marketing. Guys, here I’m talking about the change in traditional marketing.

Traditional marketing includes: newspaper, television advertising, direct mails, phone calls, etc. These forms of traditional marketing have become less and less effective. Now, innovation has dominated the world.

How technology affect the Traditional Marketing?

Besides, we all can see how technology has changed the way customers search for and purchase goods and services. Technologies such as the internet, social media, smartphones, and customer relationship management systems greatly affect the ways by which companies communicate with their prospective customers. Think about a decade ago when companies used to market their products by purchasing ads in newspapers, magazines, having salespeople go door to door, etc.

Now, the world has changed, technology has altered the concept of traditional marketing totally. Let’s see some of the changes in traditional marketing brought by technology,

Outreach a Wider Audience

Earlier marketing was confined to print media ads, TV ads, etc. because of which marketers weren’t able to reach their audience. Now, the scenario is completely different as marketers can take the help of social media which has dominated the hearts of people. Emails, smartphones, social media channels are great ways to access to a larger audience.

– Video Contents  

With innovation and technology, marketers can take the help of YouTube to put their ads on it. Now, it’s very easy to make an effective video describing your company’s products and services. Make sure you make short videos as it can create more buzz around it.

– Website Ads

This can be a great change in the marketing world as now marketers can make their website and put the relevant information about their products and services via blog post. Website ads help companies to call their customers back who have left their website without taking any action.

– Build the level of communication

Technology has opened up the gates for both customers as well as marketers because now it is very easy for marketers to speak to their customers individually. Innovation allows one-on-one communication between the company and the customers. For example- sending emails to each customer, reading reviews of customers and solving their queries on a personal level, etc.

– Target specific customers

With the help of technology, marketers can collect data about their customers and target them accordingly. The data can be based on their likes, dislikes, interest, and preferences. Marketers can send a notification to customers on their mobile phones so that they can get more lead conversions.

– Change in cost

Internet and technology have drastically changed the marketing cost. Now there is no need to invest more on advertisements as marketers can advertise on social media without investing a single penny, but make sure you have large number of audiences connected with your channel.

In a nutshell, technology adds glory to the marketing filed. It has tremendously brought the changes which have benefited to marketers as well as customers. As you can see above how technology has positively impacted the effects of traditional marketing. So, you should also appreciate this new innovation and integrate it into marketing if you haven’t yet. It’s really a time to enhance your marketing presence worldwide.

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