How good personalized marketing is?

personalized marketing

Marketers find different-different ways to market their products and services for their potential customers. They try to reach a wider audience in order to increase their sales. However, not every marketer gets success in the marketing field as incorporating the right marketing strategy in this field is what fetches them more sales leads and more revenue generation. My today’s article is also related to marketing but I’m going to talk about the different topic which is “Personalized Marketing”. So, this article is for all those who want to increase their marketing sales. Keep reading the article till the end.

What is personalized marketing?

Personalized marketing is the process of using data to deliver brand messages targeted to individual prospects. It is also known as one-to-one marketing. This kind of marketing differs from traditional marketing. In this form of marketing, you can create messages for individual consumers. Furthermore, in personalized marketing, the essential goal is to craft a different appeal to each specific customer or member of a target audience.

Personalized marketing includes many types such as internet marketing, direct mail, and personalized point of sales interactions. It is completely customized to the needs of each individual consumer. Personalized marketing is essentially the most focused form of targeted marketing.

Let’s see the examples of personalized marketing

Let me take an example of Amazon, we all make a purchase from Amazon and you may not have realized at the time that you’re experiencing personalized marketing in action. In this way, Amazon collects a lot of information about its users by tracking the browsing history of each individual to make product recommendations. This is a kind of boon for Amazon for boosting sales via personalized suggestions.

Let me give you another example, we all receive email from our favorite stores, which are addressed with our names. This is the most simple and effective personalized form of marketing through which companies connect with customers on a personal level.

Benefits of personalized marketing

The following points will help convince you of the power of personalization. Just read them below:

  • The big advantage of personalized marketing is that it allows marketers to effectively target individual current and prospective customers.
  • It effectively targets a specific audiences by collecting their data on an individual level.
  • It boosts engagement and conversions by appealing to the individual’s likes, needs, interests, and other preferences.
  • According to research, personalized marketing emails received 29% higher open rates and 41% of higher click-through rates than those without personalization.
  • Personalized marketing not only helps increase sales but also makes the customer happy and satisfied.
  • This type of marketing makes better recommendations by learning their preferences and interests. As I told you in an example that how Amazon perfectly uses this to make recommendations for their customers. They occasionally send emails with recommended product catalogs.
  • Personalization also helps you to create better and unique content that makes you stand out from the crowd. In this way, it leaves a better memory for your customers.


After reading the entire article, you can say that personalization is the future of marketing. It is all about doing things to serve your customers first. You can say that it’s a good way to put yourself in your customer’s shoes as it will help you to improve your marketing strategy.

You can see above the examples I have explained to you and the benefits that will surely help you to get the high revenue and sales lead generation. For more informative articles get in touch with us till then keep reading.