How does Google examine your site contains quality backlinks?

When it comes to checking the ranking of your site, Google takes into consideration many factors in the list. From website design, site content, user-experience to backlinks, Google considers all of them to determine the performance of your site and rank it accordingly on SERPs. One thing that significantly impacts your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance is the backlinks of the site. You would already know that high-quality backlinks boost your search performance positively. Do you know Google also examines your site backlinks and inbound links? You may know about it.  

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But one question which hovers in the mind of most of the webmasters is that how Google examines quality backlinks of your site. Knowing the answer to this question is crucial for you to know. So just read the article and enhance your knowledge.

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Google examines your site quality backlinks by following points –

Having question in mind, “how Google examines quality backlinks?” Below given are some essential factors which Google take into consideration while evaluating quality backlinks of your site:-

# Links from unique sites

Can you place any site links to your site? Of course, no. Unless and until you examine the site fully, you can afford to put a link in your site. In addition, links from authority sites that only talk about your site and not your competitors are amazing backlink opportunities. The great examples of unique sites are conference and forum platforms. However, not all your opponents can present their content at those conferences. So this is an outstanding opportunity to generate high-quality backlinks.

# Domain authority

Another factor is domain authority. You already know that Google’s search algorithm is designed to provide the most authoritative and relevant search results to user queries. As a website operator, you have to ensure that you’re getting links from high-authority websites. When you do so, it sends signals to Google that your content is worth to readers. Make sure you get the domain from a high authority site like GoDaddy.

# Website variance

Next factor that Google examines for checking high quality contents in your site is website variance/diversity. Let me tell you that search engines prefer backlink profiles that built organically over time. Basically, these are those sites that acquired incoming links from authority sites, magazines, blogs, press release, directories, and conferences.

# User experience

This is the important analysis of Google. The search engine checks how valuable your content is to search queries and users who are looking for information and quality content. Make sure you’re addressing users concerns, queries, and examine the linking site’s audience. So even if a site owner links to your website and if it is irrelevant to its audience then this marks a red flag for your site.

# Link location on your site

You already know that Google emphasis more on search intent. What does it mean? It simply means that the links which are integrated perfectly throughout the site content have more quality than other content. Having irrelevant, inauthentic, poor quality content on the sidebar or footer are considered as a red flag.

Apart from these factors, Google also considers technical elements. These factors include –

  • Anchor text
  • Nofollow
  • Robots.txt
  • Alt Attributes
  • Redirects

Guys, if your site is abiding all the rules of Google for quality backlinks then you’ll surely see your site on the first page of Google otherwise, not.  

To make Google evaluate your site backlinks, just try…

To Improve Backlink Quality of Your Site

Now you have gained enough knowledge on how Google evaluated quality backlinks of your site, right. Next thing you need to learn here is how you can improve the quality of your links and optimize them. Here are some effective tips you can follow –

  • Try to optimize your site content
  • Always follow the best practices of Google
  • Reach out to reputable and renowned directories
  • Leverage guest blogging on your site
  • Try to take part in conferences
  • Also, optimize your email marketing campaign tactics
  • Remove broken links from the site
  • Build a relationship with fellow webmasters and industry influencers
  • Keep an eye and find competitors’ backlinks

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Putting it all together

Getting quality backlinks to the site is the most challenging task nevertheless the most crucial part of SEO. Unless and until your site contains quality backlinks, Google won’t rank your site on the top of the search engine results page. Just take the help of a digital marketing agency in Delhi and learn the strategies to build quality backlinks to the site. So optimize your website and acquire quality backlinks with the help of Curvearro!

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