How a content audit can boost your SEO?

content audit

Content is everything on website, it drives traffic to site, and gets conversion rates. Not only content fetch you good results, but also bad ones. When does a content resultant in bad one? This is what you all know if you produce irrelevant, plagiarized, and quality less content, it will not bring you any good results. At present, content marketing has become the most important part of any digital marketing. As per the study, it was discovered that 75% of marketers are using content marketing at their organization. Therefore, to give your content marketing boost, you must create high quality content and gain relevant backlinks. To help you achieve this, content audit is there to help you.

Yes guys, with the help of this you can review content and raise quality level and increase SERP ranking.

So let’s start now with ‘what’

What exactly it is?

In very simple terms, it is done when your website is analyzed for overall performance. It tells you which content should be updated, improved, removed, consolidated, or redirected. Through content audit, you improve your site’s content and make it more appealing. Furthermore, a content audit helps you understand content and optimize your website for domain authority, search relevance, and SERP visibility.

Let’s move and understand the benefits of content audit.

Some SEO benefits of content audit.

  • When you do content audit, it helps you improve ranking of the website.
  • You also have chances to improve the conversion optimization rates.
  • It helps you fix keyword cannibalization
  • If your website has duplicate content, with the help of content audit you can remove them.
  • Content audit is good for analyzing the overall performance of your website and enhance its visibility on search engine results pages.

For content audit, what kind of data is required?

The data required for content audit differs from one site to another. Though there are many data that you can utilize to do this. Here is it.

#Content quality

The very first data that is required for content audit is content quality. You need to analyze which pages are filled with quality and which are negative.

#Google Analytics data

With this data, you can analyze how your users are engaging with your content. Find out why some pages get more organic traffic than others.

#Duplicate content issue

This can become the very serious problem for you. If you try to copy others content then Google will penalize your site. So analyze the type of content you’re producing is not simple to any other content on web.

#Social shares

This is another factor that helps you do content audit. You must check which social media platforms your contents are being shared.

#Page Speed score

How fast your site pages load? Try to examine this data also because the faster your site loads the more traffic you get to your site.

#Mobile friendliness

Make your website a mobile-friendly one than desktop or laptop. Today, majority of people use mobile to search anything on Google.

Are you puzzling with all the above content audit data, how do you actually audit your content? Well, to know this keep reading below.

Content Audit: Step-by-Step Guide

The content audit is very simple process. Just follow it to make your content enhancing and get SEO benefits from it. It is divided into 3 parts. Have a look.

#Create a list of all your content

This is the very first step in doing so. You need to create a list containing all your contents. You can do this with the help of Google Analytics or Ahrefs tool.

#Examine the performance data

Once you’re done with creating list of all the content. Now you need to plan out and take actionable steps based on collected data. Each step will help you enhance the quality of content.

#Content repurposing

This is the final step in auditing your content. Here you work on improving your existing content assets for better ranking.

Final words

Content audit is must focused part of any content marketing strategy. If you want to enhance the performance of your website, get quality traffic, and lead generation, then you have to do this for your site. With the help of content audit, you can improve the overall ranking of your website on Google’s SERP. So what are you waiting for? Start doing and enjoy the results!

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