Google Trend: Everything you need to know

Google Trend

Google Trend is a search trend feature that displays how frequently a given search term is entered into Google’s search engine related to the site’s total search volume over a given period of time.

Google Trend is an amazing tool and I am sure most of the SEOs are not aware with about it. Now comes how you can utilize Google trend for your own benefits, let’s get started:

Measure brand popularity:

Use Google trend to measure the brand popularity at a particular point of time. You can enter 5 search terms in a Google trend. It means you can generate the data regarding 5 brands simultaneously you can keep constant eye on how your competitors are performing? Then reform your advertising strategy.

For example: suppose if we enter 5 electronic appliances brands. Trends will show the peoples more trust in Electrolux as compared to other brands.

Before making purchase from unfamiliar vendor check at once about vendor’s company and brand product in trend.

Prepare for business trip:

The moment you plan for foreign trip for your business such as heading to Tokyo then set the country to japan in order to see recent search trends in that country. For further narrowing down the results, type the industry category in which you are doing business.

For example: for tech industry set the category to science/tech for trending searches in the sector. By doing this you will get the information regarding some of the topics that people in the country care about.

Identify new markets:

By using Google trends you can also explore new market and target your promotions according to the data you get.

For example:

If you sell adult products and want to promote your service/brand internationally search trends can help you to take the best decision regarding the international market.

Suppose you get the results of top 5 countries where consumer uses adult product in which United States is on top, second Canada, 8th France, 10th japan, etc. So it is very obvious U.S.A and Canada would be your target. Remember one thing, that trend data should not be the only data you use to make your final decision. It is only for your basic knowledge by which you can debate and discuss. Make sure to consider other factors also.

Track latest trends:

As an advertiser or campaigner another thing you can do with Google trends is that you can track the products, items or brands etc.  And make best decision.

Therefore, make sure that you have subscribed trend terms to get an update on terms you choose. Just go to, enter your term then choose add subscription and enter the keywords you want to track.

You may get a feeling that it is like a Google Alerts but no there is major difference that Google alert send notifications to you when Google index a page with the term you choose. Whereas, Google trend subscription helps you to track relative popularity of a topic over time.

Communicate more clearly:

Google trends help you choose between terms or words.

For example: Live stream or webcast is the terms that has same meaning or used for expressing the same meaning. But the terms are different even though meaning of both the terms is the same. So Google trend will display the popular term which used widely that is live stream, webcast lost its popularity in  2008, so Google trends is signifying which keyword you should use more often.


On a concluding note we can say that Google trend is going to become essential tool for marketers and advertisers in coming times. It is an effective tool that provides you the performance reports of almost every term you entered.