Google My Business has made changes in photo and video content policy

Google My Business photo and video content policy

Hi folks, my today’s article is especially for those digital marketers who have listed their business on Google My Business. Google My Business is a powerful marketing tool for any business and recently it has released a new policy for marketers for the photos or videos they post in their GMB account. Are you aware of it? Let me tell you that Google has made an adjustment to the photo and video content policy for Google My Business listings. And also tech giant Company Google now intends to review media content before publication. Do you want to know the whole intension of Google behind the new policy? Well, to know more, you have to keep your reading continue and read the article till the end.

So let’s walk through the whole story now.

What changes Google made in photo and video content in Google My Business?

Recently, Google has made new changes in the photo and video contents uploaded on Google My Business account or Google Maps listing. With this new policy, Google will now review the photo and video content before publishing it on site. 

Let’s read what Google said on the matter, “We’ve made changes to our photo and video content policy. All photos and videos are now reviewed before publication. If you’re having issues adding photos, check out our photo criteria:”

Moreover, you must also know that last year Google introduced some policies regarding photo and video contents in Google My Business in which Google ensured that content in the business profile must be authentic, relevant, appropriate, and high-quality. However, now the tech giant is going to review the contents before publishing it on site.

Now let’s move furthermore and know more about this policy.

How Google will review photo and video for Google My Business?

Well, the new policy only says that Google will now review the content first. And this is the first time that Google is going to do such thing because up till now Google didn’t have mandatory review policy. That’s why it is estimated that your photos or videos could take longer time than usual to show up on your Google My Business profile after uploading it.

In addition, Google hasn’t confirmed whether the photos or videos will be automatically reviewed by AI (artificial intelligence) or content will pass through a team of human reviewers. That’s it might take a longer time to publish a content because human reviews may catch things which machine can’t.

For whom this policy is applicable to?  

It is not specifically mentioned that for whom this policy is applicable but what we know is that this policy applies to content submitted by other users. In the tweet, Google said that it will help page that specifically applies to the Maps users contributed content policy.

Furthermore, it simply means, content uploaded directly by the business owner is not subject to being reviewed before publishing. Other than this, there are no other or further changes to the policies on user generated content in Google My Business.

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Guys, it is not the first time that Google is making changes in Google My Business, last year also Google made few changes in it. So marketers who upload photos or videos related to content might see delay in publishing as Google now will review how authentic the content is and then it will publish your content on the listing page. Make sure you upload relevant, quality, and authentic content on your Google My Business Account.

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