Google’s 23rd Birthday with adorable chocolate cake doodle

Birthday is no less than a festival for any one. Isn’t it? This article comes into existence due to the birthday of Google. Today it’s 23rd birthday of Google. Yes, the search engine giant is celebrating its 23rd birthday on 27th September 2021.

Let’s burble together and wish a ‘Very Happiest Birthday to Google!

If you open chrome, you’ll see Google altered its doodle with its delicious yummy adorable chocolate cake. If you haven’t watched, go and check it out first.

Google birthday
Image credit: Google

Without any spec of doubt, no one can image a life without Google. Since its inception, Google has become everyone’s favorite around the world. Why not talk about Google and its founding history in this article?

Let’s dive in below.

First start with yummy delicious Google Doodle

As I told in the introduction that Google displays its 23rd birthday through Google Doodle. Let me here talk about what you actually get to see in today’s Google doodle.

So doodle displays simple and adorable animation where you get to see Google letters (of course). The letters (G O O G L E) have been formed from a cake along with yummy chocolate coating that too with colored sugar sprinkles.

Additionally, you see a two-layered cake with candle that flickers very quickly and having 23 on top of it. The attractive thing about the cake is that it also depicts ‘eyes’ and ‘mouth’ at the bottom of cake after a while animation begins. The cake also has an arm which appears with a large comic and funny hand. With this, hand lifts up the second layer of cake to one side and greets the user with it.

So all in all, it is quite an attractive and delicious birthday doodle.

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Let’s dig in Google’s Inception…

It all started back in 1995 when Larry Page met Sergey Brin. Larry Page was a Ph.d student at Standford University and Sergey Brin was about to start study there. So that’s how duo started working on search engine named BackRub. Soon afterwards, Backrub named Google, finally.

Where Google gets its name from?

Google, the name which everyone ponders about comes from the mathematical expression for the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. It is said that both founders adopted this name to ‘organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.’

That’s where in 1998, page launched a monthly newsletter called ‘Google Friends Newsletter.’ The purpose of the newsletter was to inform fans about Google and its company.

Let’s now talk about Google doodle origin

If you like seeing Google doodle, you would curious to know about its origin. Isn’t it? So the very first Google doodle was released in August, 1998 which was featured on ‘Burning Man’ icon. The purpose of this doodle was to let users know where that the entire staff was playing hooky at the Burning Man festival.

If you’re still reading this article, you must also know about the changing birthday date of Google in the next section below.

Now shed light upon changing birthday dates of Google

You would not know about earlier Google would celebrate its birthday on 7 September, 2005 (it was first celebrated birthday of Google). After that Google birthday was celebrated on 8 September and 26 September.

Why Google does celebrate its birthday on 27 September, you ask? The reason is that the Company searched a high record number of pages on search engine on 27 September. Since then the company has been celebrating birthday on 27 September.

Some interesting facts about Google at a glance…

  • – domain was registered on September 15, 1997
  • – People can search in around 100 languages and more
  • – The first Google doodle was on Burning Man.

To sum up  

Google, the giant search engine has come a long way since inception. Without Google, it’s hard to imagine a life especially in this 21st century. Honestly, Google has made work easier. From getting minor information to large on, you have access to everything. With so much goodwill earned and hard work, Google has become a glory in our life.

So let’s sum up this article and wish Google ‘Happy Birthday!’

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