What are the basic elements of web designing?

When you look at any house what you do mostly get attracted by? Of course, the interior design of the house. Same is the case with people who visit your website and find it attractive and unattractive based on the design. The purpose of website is to stick visitors to it once they make a visit. And if your website design isn’t appealing then it’s time to transform it. However, the design of the website is actually an infuriating process which is worthwhile for sure.

elements of web designing

Whether you’re a beginner or an established one, designing the website is for all. That’s why here I’ll cover some basic elements of web designing that can easily make your online business a success.

Without much ado, let’s consider these elements.

Basic elements of web designing you must implement in

✫ Overall layout of website

Visual appearance and overall layout of website is something people will get attracted to in first view. Here it’s all about making first impression to grow your target audience, right. Make the website overall layout simple, intuitive, clean, and accessible. Use powerful photography icons, graphics, and some text to provide information to visitors. Whatever image you choose to depict, make sure it should go by your brand. This should actually inspire user interaction.

✫ Wise choose of typography or fonts

Fonts play a huge role in providing the information to site visitors. What type of font you use to communicate your message to audience matter a lot. There are basically two types of fonts: Serif and Sans Serif. Whichever font you choose, make sure the text is easily readable. In fact, try to use additional or complimentary font for your headings and subheadings. Also avoid making unnecessary sizing adjustments. There are many digital marketing companies in gurgaon that use Serif font for their website.

✫ Color preference

Color plays a great role in website design. Basically, color attracts the psychology of human mind and attracts people accordingly. Whatever color and fonts you choose, it will directly inform your visitors’ opinion of your site. To choose the best color for your website, you basically have to look at your brand and industry perspective. Here I would like to tell you is that don’t use dark color for your website rather use light and attractive color. However, even if you use two colors make sure to use complementary color as well.

✫ Focus on content part as well

Do you think web designing is all about visual appearance? No friends, web designing isn’t restricted to visuals only rather you have to focus on the content as well. The content you write to provide information to people who visit your website. Your visitors want information as quickly as possible so make sure to produce short information with clear, concise and up to mark headlines. Make the information easy to read and digest. You may also hire content marketing services from renowned agency. You can’t let visitors visit your site and leave immediately, right. For that you have to provide the best and relevant information as possible.

✫ Clear navigation bars

Clear navigation bars is also a part of web deigning. Didn’t you get it? Suppose, you made your website look attractive and visually appealing. What if people visit the site and it doesn’t respond them well. What if the site doesn’t provide the clear navigation bars to explore the website? All your efforts go in vain. That’s where you have to focus on providing the clear navigational bars so that when people visit the site they can easily navigate the site.

Additionally, don’t forget to make your website mobile-friendly. Let me tell you that after 2015 algorithm update, Google prefers mobile-first indexing to rank sites in search results.

Final synopsis

So guys, finally you have learned the top-notch elements of web designing. Now it’s time to implement them to build a brand new website for your business. What are you waiting for? At Curvearro, we make it easy for people to launch a website by providing them the web development services. So, if you’re really looking for 100% SEO friendly website to give your brand a unique identity, just consider our web development services and look at the work we do.

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