Easiest way to work with Pay Per Click

PPC Advertisement

These are the Simple ways of working with Pay-per-click advertising

Before going ahead this is the main thing to understand what is PPC? PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It is the marketing/advertising model used to flood the traffic on the website.  In this advertising model payment is made to publisher when the ad is clicked.

But driving the traffic on post click landing pages is not an easy task. Therefore today we are going to enlist some simple steps to properly get in sync with pay per click model. Now let’s move ahead,

Mobile optimization

Numbers of mobile users has increased across the globe and are on constant rise due to incurring technological development in smart phones day by day. This means that now the success of your PPC advertising campaign depend upon how well you utilize smart phone users. It is important to remember designing the advertising campaign for mobile is altogether different from desktop because mobile specifications such as screen size, memory etc. different from desktop.

According to latest Google 2019 algorithm update those advertiser who neglects smartphone users will be penalized by Google.  So in any case it is essential that you design your PPC campaign keeping smart phone users in mind.

Adopting the method of retargeting

Retargeting is the PPC advertising format by which you can retain a visitor who has visited your site once before. You can encourage those visitors for visiting more often on your site. This practice is known as retargeting you are displaying advertisements to those visitors who has visited  you site in the past and you want to bring them back.

In order to do successful retargeting use of cookies on the visitors browser is an effective method. Use of cookies will record visitor’s information and his browsing activities.  It is a mechanism design and developed to retain handful information of visitors. By using cookie on your site you can remain touch with these past visitors information regarding your products and services also reach them. Success of PPC campaigns raises more when you adopt retargeting method.

Use of social media

You can design even more effective PPC campaign by utilizing social media platforms. The purpose here is to establish relationship with consumers and after that sell your products and services. Almost every social medial platform whether it is Facebook or twitter offers paid advertising campaigns feature. By utilizing this feature you can create brand awareness among the masses.

Once you attracted the potential web traffic on your site than you can deploy retargeting model to remain always visible in front of them. It also increases high conversion rates in clicks.

Besides once your brand established emotional relationship with consumers then this is the possibilities that your brand can be the first choice.

Play on competitor’s field

Simply it means comparison your product with your rival’s product. It is little bit risky way but if used effectively than without any interference your PPC campaign will achieve success for longer period of time. Playing on competitor’s field means bidding on your rival’s terms. This will allows yours brand to get exposed in front of your competitors potential consumers and you can get hold over them by giving more suitable offers.

Consumers are common peoples and they prefer competition they like to do comparisons between similar products and services. If you able to drive out your competitor potential web traffic on your site than the chances of the clicks on your advertisements will increase.

G-mail sponsored advertisements

This is the great way of reaching your target audience more quickly. This form of advertising introduced in back in 2015-16.  In this advertising advertiser can serve advertisements in their customer/prospects inboxes.

For example When you open your G-mail account in promotion section you have seen the ads like ‘Amazon looking for job $600 per week guarantees’ etc. these are the form of G-mail sponsored advertisements. This is underutilized advertising strategy but it is very effective. Most of the time user will bound to click the message.

Through this content I tried to make PPC simple. So must use these simple and easiest ways of advertising to enhance the traffic on your website.