During coronavirus outbreak Google will continue to improve search results

Google will continue to improve search results

Can you let foreign invasions to negatively impact on your work? Of course not! So how can Google let Coronavirus not improve the search ranking of the sites? Yes guys, it is true that Google will continue to enhance the performance of search result ranking even during the epidemic situation. We know that Coronavirus has negatively impacted the digital marketing world therefor webmasters and SEOs no need to worry about their site and its ranking as Google has confirmed that it will continue to expand the search results. Do you want to know what Google has said on this matter? Yes, let’s get started then.

Google to improve search engine results during coronavirus outbreak

This is really soothing news for every webmaster because the improvement in search results means chances of getting a higher ranking of the site on SERPs. Recently, Google has officially confirmed that it will not let COVID-19 affect their search results and improve the ranking of websites.

Google’s John Muller on Twitter said that he feels Google should continue to try to improve the search even during the coronavirus outbreak. “There are lots of great sites that deserve to be shown where relevant if we can,” he added. Guys this was a response which Muller gave to someone when asking him if it is fair that Google is shuffling around the search results with so much going on the world now.

Moreover, Google is not the only one to improve its search results there is one more search engine giant that is jumping on this bandwagon. Do you know who it is? It’s Bing guys. Let’s read what Bing says about search ranking improvement.

Bing has also decided to continue to improve its ranking model

You might not know but earlier Google wasn’t sure to update its search ranking because 42% of webmasters said Google should continue to update. After seeing this situation, Bing’s Frederic Dubut said Bing will continue to update its ranking models.

Read what Frederic Dubut said in this. He said, “Anytime we plan update, we hope it will improve our product for users. Before we ship an update, we gather proof that it will improve our product for users.” If Bing does not do this, “We’d fail our users if we stopped updating our ranking model.”

Therefore, this shows that Bing too thinks about its searchers and continues to improve their experience.

Different ways to improve your search rank for free

– Optimized content for SEO

Webmasters should optimize their site only with high, authentic, and relevant content. This is one of the best ways to get high traffic on the site and improve search ranking. Also make sure that content is mistake-free, mobile-optimized, rich in keywords, etc.

– Enhance page speed

I will not visit the site again which doesn’t open properly and has low speed, so will you. Improving the site speed means adding the ranking factor in your site. Make sure to update your site speed timely to improve your search rank and provide a good user experience.

– Optimize site images and videos

When your site has optimized images and videos it means you’re making it easier for Google to identify the images on your website pages. Always ensure that your images on site are compressed have descriptive filenames, and contain alt text.

– Optimize for voice search

As per the comScore study, by 2020 half of all searches will be done by voice, so it’s important to make those voices searchers find your business by incorporating likely voice search phrases into your website content. Use natural conversational sentence to search rather than single keywords.

– Try to fix broken links

Let me clear you that if your site contains broken links then forget that you will get a good rank of the site. If your site shows links 404 error then it will hurt both your site rank and user experience. You can use a tool like broken link check or dead link checkers.

Wrapping up! 

This is a very appreciable decision that Google and Bing will improve the search engine raking during the Coronavirus outbreak. I have also enlisted some of the ways through which you can also improve your site ranking. It seems that Google and Bing both will continue to make updates that will eventually improve and enhance searcher’s experience. Webmasters need to keep going and improving their site ranking and user experience.

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