Does fixing the old broken link matter to SEO today?

Broken links are bad for user experience and harmful for your website rapport with search engines. Do you agree? That’s kinda right. But reality is – broken link is one of the great methods of building backlinks. Yes that’s true. There are some webmasters who still use broken link to build backlinks. If you’re in SEO game zone, you must have idea of whether fixing broken backlinks matter to your SEO or not. What do you say on this?

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Without a spec of doubt, fixing broken link rightly improve your SEO ranking. So in this guide, we’ll explore whether fixing old broken link still matter to SEO or not.

Let’s dig in below.

First, I will start with.…

Highlighting the concept of broken links

Simply putting, a broken link is a page that is hard to be accessed or found by anyone. Even if you try to access to a broken link page, you will constantly get an error message from web servers

Spoiler alert: broken links are also known as ‘dead links’ or ‘link rots’

Key reasons causing broken link problems

  • – First reason of broken link could be the link itself. Yes, the link may be just bad. Or it points out to a page that doesn’t even exist on your website.
  • – Some people type wrong URL address which shows them 404 error (of course, that’s their mistake, you’re innocent here)
  • – You might have removed a page and forget to redirect it to another page. This ultimately causes broken link problem.
  • – May be your site is no longer available or may be offline or moved permanently.
  • – The URL structure of website is recently changed with spelling error

These are few reasons that cause a broken link problem for your website.

The major reasons for fixing broken links

Let me first tell you that Google uses links for things like page ranking and anchor text. And when they find links, they directly give you ranking boost you want for your website. Additionally, any page of your website breaks down and don’t connect, then they go to a page that doesn’t work. So those signals don’t have a chance to pass anymore. This is how your SEO performance goes down.

Think of it another way like –

  • – People continually come across 404 errors, once they get irritated they will never return. It will affect your revenue as well.
  • – No wonder, broken links disrupt your link quality, which will affect your site ranking.

Have you ever wondered about the reason behind broken link? If not, our next section covers this portion, keep on reading below.

Does fixing these broken links matter to SEO practice?

The most awaited part of this article right? Till now you have read about broken links, reasons of it, and reasons to fix them. It’s time to spill the beans about fixing broken links.

Yes folks, fixing broken links still matter to your SEO practice. Why? As they directly make an impact on your Google search results but may not impact the overall SEO. But too many broken links on a website can make a huge negative impact on SEO. In fact, Google’s Search Quality Rating Guidelines also consider broken links to determine overall site quality.

When you fix broken link, you regain link juice and ranking benefit as well. To make things smooth going, digital marketing agency in Singapore is here to help with fixing broken links. You can approach the agency and avail their online marketing services at affordable price.

Final note…

Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed today’s article on broken links. So now that you have understood everything about broken links, make sure to fix them for best SEO practice. Well, you no need to worry as such because search giant Google is here to let you know if any problem or issue occurs to your site. Your only work is to maintain a high quality website. For any kind of related query, Curvearro is here to help.

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