How can we create high-quality backlinks for SEO?

high-quality backlinks

What is backlinks?

It is a type of link which one website obtains from another website if any site has high number of backlinks then it will rank higher in Google SERP.

That’s why majority of SEO professionals indulge in creating backlinks. But remember one thing adding of illegal backlinks such as purchasing or buying low quality links can also penalized your website by Google.

But creating high quality backlinks is not an easy task therefore, today we are going to enlist some high quality backlinks in off SEO.

Want to create high-quality backlinks then follow these techniques.

  • Establishing a relationship:

Establishing relationship is the first step towards your high quality backlinks generating strategy.  This strategy will help you in getting the recognition among the masses.

When people start knowing you they ultimately get in touch with your business online. Therefore engaging and establishing public relationships will develop the sources from where you can get high quality backlinks. You can establish public relations by becoming an advisor or expert on social media express your views in industry related issues.

  • Create high quality written content:

If some site wants to give you its link than in this scenario the site which is giving you its link will analyze your content. After analyzing your written content it will take decision whether to link its website with yours or not.

So copied, duplicate or pirated content will not attract the high quality backlinks try to produce original and high quality rich content. High quality organic content will automatically attract high quality backlinks you didn’t have to put extra efforts.

In order to know the quality of written content visit your competitors site not ones who have ranked their site high via paid form of advertisement. But the organic sites which makes their way into Google first page without paid form of advertisement.

While producing rich quality content don’t make it confined to your site only publish it on Quora, or LinkedIn this will widen your reach and create the chances of getting more quality backlinks.

  • Design innovative Infographics:

Internet users love the information and content that presented in the form of graphics. Utilize this trend effectively but just make sure that you didn’t over do anything because it can harm performance of your site as images, videos and graphics affect the site speed.

Just create the info graphic of your website first because if the website info graphic compelling enough to attract the visitor then some of those visitors will also share it on their site and ultimately those visitor have to link to your site.

  • Giving the reviews and testimonials:

Many SEO professionals underestimate this but just like establishing public relation it is also strategy that can make your ways to generate high quality backlinks. While writing reviews or testimonials allows you to give the references or examples to support your argument and those references provide you a space for backlink.

Writing the reviews and testimonials for other businesses is also expanding your knowledge and also improving your own website ranking at the same time.

  • Giving comment/feedback on the posts of others:

Yes many of us has do not realize the potential of writing comment and the art of utilizing comment section. If one utilizes comment section effectively it can create chances for generating high quality backlinks. By commenting on the other author’s posts you can also add a reference link and the best is discussion section where long chat takes place you ask any query from the author and it will give you a feedback. Ultimately a communication process has started. For establishing the relationship, communication is the first and foremost thing. 


By applying above mentioned techniques one can create high quality backlinks for SEO.