Do you think Pinterest is best to advertise?

Pinterest advertisement

Businesses and marketers use various medium to advertise their brand products in the market. Although before advertising your business products through any medium, it is important for you to know where your audience is hanging around. In this article, I am going to explore one such medium i.e. Pinterest. We will examine whether this medium is best to advertise for your business brand products or not? And those who don’t know about Pinterest, I will start with the definition first. So, let’s get started!

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social networking site. It started back in 2010. It is more of a search engine less of a social network. It is basically an image-based platform. Many people share their content and products on Pinterest. This platform also allows direct linking to the website product page or any other page on each pin. Pinterest provides many opportunities for marketers to reach links and influence consumer purchasing behavior. And if we look at the data then 72% of pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy offline.

Now let’s see whether Pinterest is the best to advertise or not.

Pinterest: Best for advertisement or not

You might be wondering whether you should use Pinterest Ads for your business brand or not. Let me tell you that Pinterest has more of women customers than men. Almost 40% of new Pinterest signups are men. Nevertheless, Pinterest Ads isn’t a bad idea; it has the ability to improve your brand recognition.

If you’re interested in exploring how Pinterest advertisement can aid you to attract more customers, then keep on reading!

Pinterest has over 250 million users, and it is a great place for businesses to advertise products. If you’re still not convinced, I am listing down some reasons why you should be using Pinterest Ads.

– Pinterest Ads drive traffic:

There are almost 2 billion searches on Pinterest, and with the help of Pinterest Ads, you can now target them. If it is used right then it can become one of your top social referrals in analytics. If you want to drive more traffic on Pinterest then you have to use your brand’s product fonts and colors, keep the background to the minimum, you can use Pinterest quotes to attract the eyes of the audience or customers.

– Pinterest Ads generate leads and demands:

You can say Pinterest is the great social network for lead generation. In August 2017, Pinterest introduced videos pins which are another way to enhance your brand promotion or awareness. Awareness campaigns are great to generate demand for your product or brand. 97% of Pinterest search queries in Pinterest don’t mention a specific brand name, which means its users are inactive discovery mode. They are exploring new brands and making new purchases and thereby helping businesses in generating more leads.

– Pinterest Ads can enhance brand engagement:

When you conduct a pin campaign, you get 30% free engagement on brand enhancement. For instance, if someone shares your promoted pin and another user clicks on it, that click is free for you. If you want to get your best engagement pins then you need to promote your best organic-pins. On engagement ad campaigns you only get charges per engagement action like repin or click.

– Pinterest Ads promotes your evergreen content:

If you want to increase the traffic on your website without investing a lot of times then try to learn how to create evergreen content. You only need to find those topics which are constantly being searched by people. It only makes sense to promote that kind of topics on Pinterest. It is great for creating and promoting evergreen topics. Pinterest is basically a social network that works like a search engine.

Way Forward!

As you can see through above-mentioned points how Pinterest is a great advertising platform for your brand promotion. You only need to examine who is your target audience. If your target audience is more of women then Pinterest is the best advertising platform for you. And if your audience spends a lot of time on Pinterest, you are losing if you’re neglecting this golden platform.

So, if you think Pinterest is a great advertising platform for you then you must avail it for your brand promotion.

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