Do You Really Need Multiple Domains?

Multiple Domain

The ongoing matter which keeps knocking the doors of marketers is a domain name. We all know that domain name is the identity and asset of any website. The domain name makes a website identifiable nationwide. A good top-level domain name reduces the chances of competition, enhances the brand identity, and also improves the search engine ranking. But this is only about the single high authority domain name. Today, the bandwagon is about having multiple domain names. Many webmasters think of getting multiple domain names for their site without knowing the consequences of it.

Do you really need multiple domain names for your website? This is the main question here. Well, if you are planning to get multiple domain names for your website then this article is for you.

Let’s read what happens when you buy multiple domain names.

Consequences you can face after having multiple domain names

No wonder, the domain name can become the brand of your company only if you have a top-level domain. But in case, you are planning to buy a second domain name then make sure to read the entire article. Let me first tell you that domain name is what can bring you quality traffic to your site.

Well, the old practice which people are following till now is hinting out multiple domain names to one website. Is it really an effective method to follow?

I will simply say don’t use more than one domain for a website. When you use more than one domain name for your website it will confuse search engines to crawl your site. And the result is you will get not be as effective on Google, Bing, or other search engines as you used to be. Moreover, your site visitors or customers will also get confused about it. Therefore, keep your domain name unique and don’t change it frequently.

After knowing the consequences of having multiple domain names, people ask if there is any search benefit of it. Let’s read it below.

Any search engine benefit while having multiple domain names?

Curious to know? Let’s read. To be very honest there are no real search engine benefits to having multiple domain names. Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose, your site has .com domain and you are buying the .info and .net to forward them to your website. Don’t expect that this will get you any extra search engine rankings.

Understand that Google and other search engines will only rank your site based on the actual hosted content on your website. Therefore, search engines will also not index or rank domains that are moving to another domain. There are many website owners who have bought extra domain names with keywords thinking that it will help them rank their website on the search engine results page on Google. But there is no effect of it rather you are confusing people, Google, and other search engines about your website.

Some important points to look over

  • Buy a domain name that is concise, unique, and easy to type in.
  • The domain name is your online identity therefore your site should have a name, page title, meta-description, and on-page communication to help search engines figure out what your page is all about.
  • If you are a big company then you can buy multiple domain names to secure your brand name.
  • Many companies have long domain names because their company name is long but this is the mistake. Try and make your domain name short and easy to type.
  • If you want people to find you then you can use different domain names, for example,,, etc.

Final words

In the final section, I just want to say that you don’t make any mistakes that might affect your website negatively. If you think of buying multiple domain names then it might not be a good idea such as. I have already explained the consequences of it still you want to use then you can buy 2 or 3. Make sure you don’t confuse your customers or Google to find you or index your website.

For more informative articles subscribe our website till then keep reading and keep sharing. Now the ball is in your court to make a wise decision, Happy marketing!!!