Do you know about the Website PITA score, how to improve it?

Website PITA score

As a website operator, you need to check the performance of your website every time. Publishing posts on site is not just enough; you need to pay attention to other factors also. For example, site traffic, impressions, click-through rate, lead generation, user interface, mobile-friendly site, and website speed. If any of these things don’t provide a good user experience, people will leave your site within a second. It will give you a great pain like a scorpion bitten on your body. Therefore, the more pain your site has, the higher your PITA score will be.

PITA? Are you scratching your head? No matter, if you don’t know about it because I will talk about PITA from the basics and strategies to improve it.

So let’s now start.

What is PITA score in digital world?

PITA is your website’s Pain In The A**. The score simply tells you about the experience of people who visited your site and left with disgust feelings. Well, this kind of website is of no worth. It doesn’t make any sense to invest a huge amount of money on online marketing to getting qualified leads because visitors don’t find your site as useful as they are looking for.

To check your PITA score, I am going to list down some factors and to determine and effective tips to improve your PITA score altogether. It is very easy to lower the PITA score of your website. Just read the tips thoroughly below and follow them to improve the PITA score and provide visitors with a great experience.

Some effective tips to improve your website’s PITA score

#Make your website speed fast loading

No visitor likes the site that takes more than 2-3 seconds in loading. If your site takes more time in loading then visitors will leave it immediately. And it might increase the PITA score of your site which is bad for you. Therefore, improve your site speed because it not only appears more appealing to site visitors but faster sites are given more boost in organic search results. Thereby, when you make your site fast loading, your organic search ranking will also improve.

#Add plenty of information in the footer section of your website

Well, most of the webmasters add relevant and importation information above the fold of the website which is good. But don’t ignore the footer part because it is as important as the starting part of your website. According to a study, web visitors are 5.9 times more likely to scroll down vs. up. Therefore, if someone scrolls to bottom of your site and finds nothing then it will make a negative impression about your site. If the footer of your site contains copyright only then you are increasing your PITA score.

#Discover and fix broken links

Broken links on your site can increase the PITA score. Through broken links, you can quickly improve your PITA score only if you fix them on time. The good thing about the broken link is that you can easily find them on your site. You can easily get a 404 error page when you click on the broken link page. As a webmaster when you link to a page adding wrong information on the server, the server will not be able to find the document/page/ when a visitor will click on the page. So do find broken links and fix them as soon as possible.

#Make your phone number easily access on your website

If you a service providing company and want people to utilize your services then you need to make your contact number as easily as accessible as possible. A company that wants to generate leads through phone they have to put the company’s number where visitors can easily find it. People will also appreciate you if the phone number is visible to them because it will also save their time scrolling down your website. Ultimately, your PITA score will improve.

Final words

In digital marketing, the important asset you have with you is your website. Your website is the only path through which people can know about you across the world. If your site is not fulfilling user’s expectations then your site is not worthy at all and this increases the PITA score. You can reduce or improve the PITA score by following the tips I have mentioned above.

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