Do you know about Breadcrumbs SEO?

Breadcrumbs SEO

You all are very well aware of the concept of SEO in digital world. It is considered a most significant part of any website. But have you ever come across the word “Breadcrumbs SEO”? What the heck this word is? You’re thinking this, right! Guys, Breadcrumbs SEO is as important as simply ‘SEO’. Here the thing is- people hardly know about it. But if you invest in it, you will add more glory to you site. Isn’t it interesting? Are you curious to know about this special SEO type? Keep reading the article below.

Let’s start today’s article with the definition of it.

What exactly the concept of Breadcrumbs SEO?

In very simple words, Breadcrumbs are the important usability factor. It tells you “where” you are when you visit a website. Breadcrumbs are links that allow users to track their path from the page they’re currently viewing to the home of your website. In other words, Breadcrumbs show the path of where you are and you can easily navigate to anywhere with one click.

If you haven’t got the definition then – Breadcrumbs are a section in the webpage that helps user understands their position or location within the entire website.

Furthermore, it give search engines clues about the structure of your website and make your overall SEO efforts more effective.

What are the different types of Breadcrumbs SEO?

There are 3 kinds of Breadcrumbs SEO. Watch out below.

1. Location/hierarchy based Breadcrumbs

As the term itself says location-these Breadcrumbs tell the position of a page within site hierarchy. The location based breadcrumbs are convenient for displaying the site’s structure to visitors who have entered a deep page in the site from external sources. Sometimes, location breadcrumbs will use the homepage as the start of the path.

2. Path/History based Breadcrumbs

Path breadcrumbs provide the visitors with the path they have followed through the site. The path is build based on the pages a user has visited. These types of breadcrumbs are more common due to the rise of dynamic, database-driven sites. The good example of this breadcrumb is Amazon that shows path to users to find a dash camera.

3. Keyword/Attribute/Dynamic based Breadcrumbs

Attribute based breadcrumbs are similar to location based. Although one difference is there that is instead of page title, they use keyword or other attributes to represent your page. These breadcrumbs are basically used for e-commerce websites. Furthermore, these explain the relationship of products to one another and help visitors find a new approach.

Now learn the importance of Breadcrumbs

I already told you that breadcrumbs are important elements of SEO friendly website. Here are reasons:

  • Breadcrumbs are good for making navigation easier. This is the crucial role of breadcrumbs.
  • If your site doesn’t have enough traffic to site then breadcrumbs encourage people to visit more pages of a website before they exit your site. Thereby, they reduce the bounce rate.
  • Breadcrumbs are good for SEO. They help search engine bots during the crawling and indexing phase. Moreover, Google shows breadcrumbs information in the SERPs.
  • With breadcrumbs, you also improve the user experience. They help users get where they want to go faster.

How do you actually include breadcrumbs to your site?

To make your site SEO-friendly and get more users to your site, you must add breadcrumbs to your site. It involves several variables such as:

  • The type of your website
  • Your site’s content management system (CMS)
  • Type of breadcrumbs you’re adding.

Adding breadcrumbs is much easier if it depends upon your website. You can install a widget or add-on to your site. Sometimes, it takes time to design and launch a perfect structure for your website.

The bottom line

Breadcrumbs are good for every website SEO. If you use breadcrumbs effectively, then you will be able to provide a great user experience to your site. With this, you also gain more traffic, and conversion rates. This article is a complete guide that you can use to learn about breadcrumbs.

I’m sure if you add breadcrumbs to your site, it will definitely increase your site ranking on Google’s SERPs. For more informative articles get in touch with us, till then keep reading and keep sharing