10 most common WordPress errors and their solution

WordPress has been known for building great website for professionals in SEO and content marketing services. Undoubetedly, WordPress is easy to use as it has user-friendly interface and more flexible compare to other platforms. Though it is easy to use, still there are some users who find common problem or errors while using this platform. Well, you may also be encountering some errors in your site. Aren’t you? Whatever error you’re facing would be killing the performance of your site, right. But what exactly the errors you’re seeing? What could be their solutions? Any guesses? Well, don’t scratch your head! In this article, I will cover 10 most common WordPress errors along with their solutions so that you can easily fix them if you find any error enlisted here.

So let’s not get started by jumping into the pool of WordPress errors.

Common WordPress errors

A list of 10 most common WordPress errors and their solutions

Just read every error and their solution thoroughly so that you can solve them if you’re facing the error in your site.

1. 404 not found page

One of the most common errors you can encounter in your site is ‘404 not found.’ We all tend to see this error in other sites as well when we visit them. Why this happens? The error happens when you make changes in permalinks and not in the original URL of the page. It depicts that something is deleted from your data base and the file is missing. This scales down the performance of your site when users visit and find 404 error.


  • First solution is to changing the permalink from the dashboard. Just go to permalink into the setting and go back to the kind of permalink which you saved earlier.
  • Second is to install redirect plugin. Through plugin, you can insert the old permalink and point them towards the new ones.

2. Connection/server timed out

Another common error you can face is connection or server timed out. This error usually happens in shared hosting environment. Why this occurs? This error happens when the shared server is overloaded and can’t connect your site to the internet. Basically, it means that your site is loaded with heavy items and can’t accept your request.


You have two options here either

  • Increase the memory of PHP by editing your wp-config.php file via FTP or File Manager with code: ‘wp_memory_limit’ , ‘64’
  • Or deactivate all your plugins by connecting dashboard through FTP. Now you can check the site after refreshing it whether the error is gone or not.  

3. Error in image upload

You may encounter this problem many times when you try to load image and it shows error in uploading or doesn’t display. This actually happens due to wrong file permissions. So what’s the solution of this error?


To solve this error, just connect your site through FTP and change the permission level to 744. If the error is still there then change it to 755.

4. White screen of death

Whenever you see white screen appearing on your site it simply means that your site is gone. In fact, your browser shows a screen with nothing on it. Certainly, white screen of death can drastically affect your entire site but sometimes it is presented in some parts. The most irritating part is that you don’t have any error message pointing to the issue.


  • You can increase the memory limit (just follow the same steps I mentioned above)
  • You can also deactivate all your plugins. Here you can connect to your site through FTP and rename plugin folder.

5. Error in maintenance mode

WordPress launches many updates in the site, right. If any update comes this means you will surely update your site for availing advanced features. Sometimes, interruption happens if the update is unfinished. Here WordPress puts your site in maintenance mode if an update is interrupted. Your site gets locked when the interruption occurs.


You can solve this error by deleting the file called maintenance in your site’s root directory. After this, your site will come to its normal condition. Here the file is hidden just click on ‘show hidden files’ to access the file.

6. Login page refresh

This problem comes when you try to log into your WordPress account and it redirects you back to the login page over and over again. This problem occurs when there is incorrect value for site URL that might be coming from the .htaccess file.


Solve this problem by deleting the .htaccess file, delete cookies on your computer, and deactivate plugins through your site FTP. Any of these errors can fix your WordPress error.

7. WordPress sidebar below content

The sidebar in your side should be in left or right side. But whenever it appears below your content, this actually is an error which you need to address. This error occurs when there are too much div tags open or closed. When these div tags open or close in the wrong place, they can kill the performance of your site layout.  


Here you can use HTML validator to find where the problem is coming from and fix it.

8. Syntax errors

This problem occurs when error that usually happens when try to add code snippets to your function.php file. This message covey that there is an error in your code that you need to rectify.


As you know that there is an error in the file that browser shows therefore you need to connect your site through FTP and remove the line of code.

9. Connection timed out

Sometimes it happens that your site takes more than the actual time to load. This usually happens when you get an error that’s not available. It simply means that your connection is timed out. This error is common in shared hosting environment with limited resources.


Few things you can do to get rid of this error such as delete all plugins, switch to default themes, and you can also increase PHP memory limit.

10. Issue in WordPress email

Last but not the least error in WordPress is email problem. You may face that WordPress is not sending emails to users. It means the hosting server is not configured correctly to use the PHP mail function.  There are many webmasters who use many email tools to prevent email spam.


To fix this error you need to use SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) for sending emails from WordPress. Well, SMPT doesn’t use the PHP mail function. In fact, it uses proper authentications that lead to high email deliverability rates.

Over to you

Here ends the list of WordPress errors and their solutions. I hope you have thoroughly read these errors and how you can fix them with the solutions I have mentioned above. Well, the WordPress errors are common but they can decrease the overall site performance and users experience. Therefore, you need to fix them as soon as possible. If you have any query related to WordPress premium support then contact us and learn about our work.

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