Ways to Use Chatbot in Email Marketing

Who isn’t aware of chatbot today?

Everyone knows that chatbot is a tool designed to provide customer service. Marketers can sleep but chatbots can’t as they’re available 24X7 and can easily respond to customer queries in seconds. No doubt, earlier marketers weren’t able to respond to every customer query they would receive. Why? It is quite hard to respond to each and every query of the customer; it is not a work of seconds – just think about it! This is one of the biggest reasons why chatbots started to replace human involvement in customers’ interaction in digital marketing.  

Use Chatbot in Email Marketing

Having said that, chatbot becomes a very powerful tool in email marketing. Though email marketing is considered being an old marketing tactic, by integrating chatbot, marketers empower this tactic and take benefits out of it.

But how do marketers use chatbots in email marketing? This is the question to ponder over. Read this article to learn the ways to use chatbots in email marketing.

Chatbot and email marketing – a productive amalgamation  

We all know that email marketing is an effective way to communicate with your leads and customers. Moreover, this is also a cost-effective strategy any online marketer can use for their business. With the integration of chatbots in email marketing, marketers are able to obtain a high rate on investment (ROI). Even when asked about the benefits of chatbots, near about 60% of consumers said that the 24-hour service is a sizeable advantage followed by prompt responses.

Additionally, chatbots enhance customer experience and communication by mimicking human behavior. Chatbot also has the capability to improve user engagement, response rate, and content distribution. Let’s now have a look at how a chatbot can be used in email marketing below.

Some important ways to use chatbot in email marketing  

# Better lead nurturing

The first way through which you can use a chatbot in email marketing is the lead nurturing process. I would say it is easy to get traffic to the site but the difficulty lies when you do efforts to convert that traffic into leads. Seldom, the sales funnel is long and requires you to nurture the leads. Being an online marketer, you can use a chatbot to communicate with your leads and nurture them. Moreover, through email, you can send out vital documents and provide important information about your brand and your product & services. No doubt, with chatbots, you can use communicate with your clients in real-time.

# Promote your products

Another way to leverage chatbot in email marketing is when you want to promote your products and services in the market. So, on the basis of your audience’s preferences and interests, you can send out emails and messages with product suggestions for them. Here you can divide your audience and personalize products and services accordingly. How does chatbot help promote products? The fact is – chatbot remembers customers’ preferences while providing an omnichannel experience to your leads. It means you can reach out to your customers on multiple channels.

# Build your email list

Do you want to grow your email list? If yes, a chatbot will do wonders here in growing your email subscribers list. What you need to do here is just implement an email list subscription chatbot. Now what will happen is – that the chatbot will ask few details from visitors once the conversation is started, also a subscription email address. Now when you send out newsletters and other promotional content to your subscribers, you can target them to make a purchase from you. Don’t forget to design your newsletter with newsletter templates and modify them accordingly.

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# Remind your customers about shopping carts

Most of the time online shoppers discard their shopping carts while making online purchases. No matter, for what reason they decided to do that but your duty is to remind them again and again. Therefore, a chatbot will play the role of the remainder. In fact, they will interact with your customers who left the checkout process. So, a chatbot will remind them that there’s an email containing information for them with all the details. If having any issue, a chatbot will provide you with data that you can easily use to improve any problem you’re facing.

In a nutshell

After reading the full article, you can say that chatbot and email marketing is a perfect amalgamation to grow your business. Now that you have read that chatbot helps you nurture leads, build an email list, promote products, and become a remainder clock for your customers. So it’s high time for you to leverage chatbot in email marketing and avail its benefits. In fact, you can add a chatbot anywhere for example, to your website, blog, social media platforms, and even apps.

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