How do you spot a bad SEO agency?

As digital marketing is growing in the 21st century, a lot of SEO agencies have established in the market. It is because the need for SEO professionals has increased in the market. And SEO is one such significant element in online business which no marketer can think of ignoring. This is also true that no marketer can handle the SEO part on his own. That’s where the need of hiring an SEO agency arises. But there are many SEO agencies available that might not provide you quality services and charge you a lot. How do you spot a bad SEO agency? That’s the burning question here.

bad SEO agency

So, if you’re someone looking for SEO agency, then here are some red flags which will help you know that you’re into bad SEO agency. Without beating around bush, let’s have a look at the signs so that you can avoid while working or hiring an SEO agency.

Top signs that will help you spot a bad SEO agency

✎ Promise to provide you specific number of site visitors monthly

Let me tell you that making promises is a sign of a bad SEO agency. Now you will be thinking about what’s strong in making promises, right. Just read here – a good SEO agency will do everything to fetch you a good number of organic traffic and website visitors. But no agency can give you accurate results or data or forecasting for traffic growth. Companies are not seer that can predict anything about online business. So, if a company is promising you about a specific number of traffic, then don’t fall into their trap. Because it will be an inauthentic and irrelevant case.

✎ Promise to build certain number of backlinks

Next sign of a bad SEO agency could be that the company may make a promise to provide you a certain number of backlinks within a month. If they say so, it means they would be using any black hat SEO techniques. Let me tell you that back hat SEO techniques are bad and Google penalizes sites for following such practices. That’s why you must ask the company in advance whether they use black hat SEO technique or not. One more thing you should understand that good backlinks are very valuables and aren’t easy to get.

✎ Claim to rank your website higher on Google

I claim that I will rank your website on the 1st rank on Google’s SERP. Would you believe me? There would be many who will blindly believe but this should not happen. Same way there are many SEO companies available I the market where they claim to be able to guarantee ranking on Google. This is just a trap to let you hire their services. Well, you should not let yourself fall into this trap and be smart enough to know who is authentic enough to deliver you results.

✎ Focusing on one or two keywords that’s it

Keywords play a great role in a digital marketing company, right. And it isn’t like that there are only 2-3 keywords that help you rank on Google and spread your brand presence in the market. Rather in any online business plenty of keywords play a crucial role and all of them are to be given the same importance. But some agencies only focus on 2-3 keywords and work on that only. Well, this will not help you gain website visibility. And if an SEO agency focuses on 2-3 keywords only that means the company isn’t good enough for you to avail services from.

✎ Promise to provide you quick results

So another sign or example you could say about a bad SEO agency is that they will promise to provide you quick results. Well, getting quick results isn’t a cup of tea especially if you’re availing of SEO services. Whether you do SEO on your own or outsource services from a third-party agency, getting results will take time. Because SEO takes time to provide you fruitful results. Obviously, it is an organic way to drive traffic, gain website visibility, and rank on Google, unlike PPC marketing where paid advertisement helps you fetch quicker results.

The bottom line

Outsourcing SEO services is a great way to build an overall website presence across the web. But you just can’t avail services from any rando company you come across. There would be many companies that will promise you to provide you results as quickly as possible. But believe me, companies making such promises aren’t authentic and are probably engaged in marketing miscreants. Now that you have read this article, I hope you have a better understanding of recognizing the agency which is right for you to avail SEO services from.

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