An ultimate list of Google Ranking factors for webmasters

You all might have heard about the Google Ranking factor if you are into online marketing. Whether you are a part of the SEO community or online marketing, you would always curious to know about the new ranking factors of Google, agree? Let me tell you that Google uses over 200 ranking factors in its algorithm. In fact, these ranking factors are the doer of your search engine optimization strategy. As a website owner or SEO professional, you should have a good knowledge of Google ranking factors because they can help you understand how to rank higher on its SERPs.

Don’t you want to get the highest ranking on Google and maximum visibility online? If you genuinely want to achieve these goals then you must follow this guide. I will walk you through various Google ranking factors that you must follow to rank higher on Google’s SERP.

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A list of Major Google Ranking Factors for SEOs and Webmasters

Follow the given ranking factors of Google to get your site on the top of the search engine results page –

Content is always king

If you are a part of the digital world then you might have heard this famous adage once in your life, right. And this becomes one of the significant ranking factors of Google. Every webmaster and SEO knows that keywords are the most crucial part of any content which ultimately leads to a high ranking of the site on SERPs. Therefore, your site pages must carry original, well-researched content that will add value to the users. If your content is not relevant, then your site will encounter plenty of bounce rates. For that, you must utilize Google Keyword Planner to know effective SEO strategies for various search topics.

Your website must be mobile-friendly

Another Google ranking factor you have is a mobile-friendly website. You know that searches conducted through mobile devices are at their peak. It only takes a few seconds to do any search on mobile than desktop. So if you want to master the game of digital marketing then you have to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly. The advantage of having a mobile-friendly website is that Google can quickly and accurately index it without any delay. Let me tell you that mobile usability has been on the top since 2015 and has become the prominent Google ranking factor.

Friendly user experience is the first priority

Like a mobile-friendly website, Google also determines how effectively you’re providing a friendly user experience to your site visitors. How will you know whether you are providing a friendly user experience or not? So the time users spent on your site, the number of visitors leave the site after visiting only one page, the number of pages visited, etc. all are important SEO ranking factors. To achieve the highest traffic and conversion rates, you have to work on your site structure to ensure that users can easily navigate from one page to another to find what they are looking for.

Page speed of the site matters

A well-managed and great website is one that takes only 2-3 seconds in loading, more than this time people will likely leave your site in a second. No doubt, there are many big companies who lose big chunk of revenue with just a second’s delay in page loading. Well, you can speed up your page by compressing your HTML, JavaScript and CSS files, reducing page redirects, images compression, and use AMP to reduce any bottlenecks (delays). In addition, you can use your page speed by using Google PageSpeed Insights tool.

Backlinks add relevancy to the site

So the next strongest Google ranking factor you have in the list is Backlink. You want to make your site look more authentic and relevant in the eyes of users, right. For that, you need to have links from multiple-high authority domains. This will help you get a better and high ranking of your site on Google’s SERP for top keywords. As an online marketer, you must pay attention to your backlink profiles. Don’t make the mistake of adding low-quality backlinks to your site otherwise Google will penalize it.

Having strongest social signal

Guys, can you afford to ignore social media in the present social-driven world? Of course, no. Social media has its own set of perks. You have to select the one social media platform where you have a good presence and fan following because there only you can promote your brand easily. Just make sure to post engaging and note-worthy content on your site. Eventually, you will see quality organic traffic and growth to your site. Let me tell you that social media is not a standalone Google ranking factor because it is coupled with brand power.

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The way forward

Besides the above listed Google ranking factors, there are many more factors which you can implement to get the top ranking on Google’s SERPs. Let me tell you that the above-mentioned are the evergreen Google ranking factors and must require for every webmaster. In fact, the ranking factors make the performance of your SEO much better than ever. So why to wait? Just implement and enjoy the results.

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