A possible Google search ranking algorithm update has been reported

Google search ranking algorithm update

Anything can stop in this world, by the world, I mean the digital world. But one thing that can never stop is Google update. Yes, it is true. Every year, Google makes thousands of updates to search, apps, algorithms, or software. However, one of the major updates from Google is a search ranking algorithm update that Google tends to make every month of the year. Google has a long history of famous algorithm updates, search index changes, and refreshes. If I take an example of the present month (on 10, June), people from the SEO field were talking about the changes they saw in search ranking but there was no confirmation about any Google update.

Likewise, recently, a new Google search algorithm update is also reported by marketers/SEOs. Don’t you want to know what the update is all about? If yes, keep reading the article below.

A new Google search algorithm update has been reported

After the unconfirmed update about the Google search ranking algorithm update which happened on June 10, the SEO community is still chattering about the update. And recently, on 18th June, marketers have been noticing some signs of Google search ranking algorithm update. Though the update is not the unique one, it is an old one that is in talk a lot in the SEO community. However, there are some tools which are showing the signs of changes in the Google search results.

There is no doubt that Google’s search results are always changing and Google is always updating them often. This is the reason that chatter is ongoing in Webmaster World about Google search ranking algorithm update.

What people are talking about the Google search algorithm update?

Since 10 June, there has been a lot of chatter going on about the Google search ranking algorithm update in the Webmaster World. However, Google has not confirmed anything but there are some signs of a Google search update. Nevertheless, a lot of people are talking about Google Discover traffic changes. Now, Google Discover can change a lot and might send you a ton of traffic or no traffic at all. It is very uncomfortable and often does work with Google’s core updates and other updates. So it is obvious then if there is any Google update, confirmed or unconfirmed, then the big changes to your Google Discover can happen anytime.

According to the report, on 10th June, Google Discover traffic changed in a big way. And this actually impacted rankings and seems to also be impacting some Google Discover.

Here is some chatter specific to Google Discover changes

  • Something strange is going on with the Discover algorithm for sure.
  • My discover traffic dropped this week too. From 5 digits to 3 digits a day.
  • Like a switch, our site is now showing up in Google Discover again by the looks of it and back to normal traffic level.

Divyanka from TechThinkers tweeted on 21st June that a lot of people are reporting a severe drop in Discover traffic since around June 10. This appears to be a bug at Google’s end and it would be great if you can reach out to them and write about it. This tweet was for Rustybrick Barry.

Let’s move on and see some chatter began around June 18th at Webmaster World.

Chatter about Google search ranking algorithm update at Webmaster World

  • Is anyone seeing changes again today? just got outranked by a site that scraped my content and rephrased it.
  • Yep, another 20% drop compared to last week.
  • Definitely some shuffling of the SERPs in the past couple of days with more traffic from the USA.
  • Some very slightly SERP movement – but total opposite in the US vs UK rankings.

Wrap up

Google search ranking algorithm update is very important for any digital marketer or webmasters to know. As the update is about ranking, marketers get conscious whether it will make a positive impact on their ranking or negative. You have read that people have been experiencing a drop in their traffic, and SERP ranking for the past few days. However, Google has not yet announced any specific update related to the Google search ranking algorithm update. Still, there people are seeing changes in their rank and traffic.

Just wait till Google makes an announcement and get in touch with us for more updates.