5 Types of Visual Content for Twitter Marketing

Twitter is the most used social networking platform worldwide. And doing digital marketing business on it is not a bad idea, right. There are many big brands that use Twitter as a digital marketing platform where they share visual content to boost engagements. Sharing visual content on Twitter means getting 35% more re-tweets and 18% more click-through. It means you can also add great value to your brand by sharing the most effective visual content on Twitter. Today, YouTube and Instagram are becoming the most visually preferred platforms. But here I am going to tell you 5 types of visual content that you can incorporate in Twitter Marketing.

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The 5 types of visual content for your Twitter Marketing

#1. Add photos and pictures

The first type of visual content you can add in your Twitter marketing is photos and pictures. Twitter offers 140 characters to build a profile, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Today, the photos have power words that don’t seem to have. This is the reason that photos create a visual connection between your products and customers. Moreover, it is also very easy to insert a photo into your tweet. What you need to do is simply click on the camera button on your new tweet, and upload a photo. Photos are the best way to grab the attention of your audience by using simple images with clear white space as a background. You can also maximize your images posts by adding relevant texts to help build a quick story. Just make it clear, concise, and readable about what you are promoting.

#2. Don’t forget to add video

Video is also an integral part of Twitter marketing. Video can do wonder when implemented correctly. Guys, Twitter is not like YouTube or any other networking platform where you can upload long videos. Rather it is a quick social site; when you post videos on Twitter make sure you keep the videos short, simple, and concise. Just keep your videos short and informative for example keeping videos 1-2 minutes maximum is all you need to post. In addition, funny videos are a great way for any social platform because they tend to get more engagement than text-based content. Remember one thing keeps the target audience in your mind. So just make sure you add videos that are relevant to you or not.

#3. GIFs and Memes

Another type of visual content you can use in Twitter marketing is GIFs and Memes. Twitter actually has some rules for short-form content because you only get 280 characters to make storytelling through GIFs and memes. Without any doubt, it is a prominent element of Twitting and marketing across the platform. Sometimes, you will see users incorporating GIFs either branded GIFs or from the built-in GIF library into their tweets and replies. You can even share memes and jump on viral memes. We all like funny and interesting things that are eye-catching and attractive. So this is important visual content you can use in the Twitter marketing strategy.

#4. Add infographics

The next type of visual content that you should think of adding in Twitter marketing is infographics. Today, infographics are very effective and helpful tools that can massively influence the effectiveness of your Twitter Marketing Strategy. When you use infographics in your tweets, you can expand on valuable information and create a picture that simply effective in 280 characters. In addition, infographics add a visual element to significant information and are typically ‘liked’ and shared on social media. Guys, infographics are very attractive and eye-catching that can engage your audience. Infographics allow you to add proper use of color, proportion, and negative space to make the picture or anything eye-catching.

#5. Add Call to action in visuals

This is the last way you can use visual content in Twitter marketing. Guys, call to action is very important whether you are running a website, blog, or doing any marketing business. Adding a call to action button drives you traffic and engagement to your site. Additionally, a visual call to action with a clickable button generates 25% more clicks than pure text CTAs. Call to action basically encourages your readers to contact the sales team. As a marketer, you will see the boost in your conversion rates. Furthermore, you can also add a call to action in your image contents.

Final words

In this final section of this article, I want to conclude by saying that Twitter is a great platform to do digital marketing business. And visuals are an important type of content that you should use in Twitter marketing. Make sure you use all the above mentioned visual tactics to get the maximum output and fruitful results.

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