5 mistakes that marketers usually make in influencer marketing

influencer marketing

Have you ever bought a product just because your favorite actor, cricketer, singer, or any famous personality is endorsing that product or becoming a face of it? If you’ve done so then this is exactly what influencer marketing is. Influencers are basically people who have a large fan following online as well as offline. These influencers are hired by marketers to promote their brand products in the market. It is the best way to attract people and make them buy your products through their favorite influencers.

Now, recall the moment when you bought something because of testimonial from someone well-known or your favorite. That’s the effect of influencer marketing which is in action. What does it show? It simply means whenever influencers and celebrities promote certain products, that product usually sells like crazy. This is where the power of influencers lies because their followers want to be exactly like them.

Influencer marketing is not as simple as picking up an influencer and throwing billions at them. If you do so, you might end up wasting your huge amount.

So if you’re interested in influencer marketing, this blog will help you determine what not to do.

Here are 5 major pitfalls marketers usually make in influencer marketing-

1. Picking up just any influencer

You can say it is the first major mistake that marketers make while creating an influencer campaign. Many marketers just choose someone in their niche and reach out to them which is quite a bad approach. Make sure influencer you choose to fit your brand and share your value and believe in your products. In effective marketing, you want someone who can act as a brand ambassador for your company. It simply means you need to choose someone who has a good track record and reputation.

2. No clear goal or plan

Creating influence marketing without setting any goal or plan is like wasting time, effort, and money. It is not rare that most marketers engage with influencers without defining what the end goal is. You must understand what your short or long term goal is. Determining your marketing goals will ensure your influencer marketing campaign is delivering value to your brand. The common marketing goals can be: brand awareness, brand reputation, sales, customer retention, and product launch coverage, increase followers’ number, etc.

3. Look for cheap promotion

The tendency of every marketer is to save as much money as possible. They look for a cheap promotion, in doing so they end up finding an influencer who is not well-known or has no fan following. Hardly will you find an influencer who is generous to promote your products in a low budget. As a company, you must increase influencer marketing budget so that your products can reach out to a large number of audience.

4. Forget the importance of building a relationship

Marketing is all about building an effective relationship with everyone be it your customers, employees, colleagues, and influencer. Sometimes, marketers hire influencers but forget to build an effective talk or relation with them which ultimately leads to miscommunication and mismanagement in marketing strategy. You must build a relationship with the one you’re working with; it will help you enhance your overall marketing growth.

5. Stick to one social media platform

If you think you have more followers on Facebook than Instagram then it doesn’t mean that you collaborate with Facebook influencers only. Influence marketing only means increase the holistic traffic on each and every social media platform. You must let people know about your brands by collaborating with influencers on every social media platform.

Putting it all together!

If you don’t know guys then let me tell you that around 80% of companies use influencer marketing, but not every company is successful in implementing influencers in their marketing strategy. It is because of some major pitfalls that they blindly follow while creating an influencer marketing strategy.

Now, you’re well aware of the common mistake that you do while creating an influencer marketing campaign. You must learn from the above-mentioned mistakes and achieve all marketing goals. Avoiding all such mistakes that become an obstacle in your digital marketing is a must. It is crystal clear that influencer marketing can get a little costlier, so the more mistake you make, the more money you’re just throwing away or I would say rather wasting.

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