5 major marketing mistakes to avoid during this pandemic.

marketing mistakes

Do you think marketing business can be successful in the COVID-19 pandemic? I think the answer is not that difficult because we all know it can be a herculean task to run the business smoothly even in the crisis. However, I’m not asking to you completely shut your business and sit at home. But you should keep your business running; it might be strenuous but not impossible. There are many digital marketers who are running their business amidst the pandemic but they’re getting the desired results. Do you know why they aren’t getting the desired results? Guys, these marketers are actually making mistakes unknowingly. The mistakes are restraining them to achieve marketing goals. I think as a marketer you should also learn about these mistakes.

So keep reading the article if you want to avoid marketing mistakes during the pandemic. I’m going to enlist the 5 major marketing mistakes below.

Let’s have a look.

5 major marketing mistakes to avoid in COVID-19 pandemic. 

1. Not adopting mobile web version

The very first mistake marketers make is that they don’t consider mobile devices at all. The truth is millions of people use smartphones to shop online, browse the web, search anything online, keep in touch with people, and much more. As a marketer, if you’re not creating a mobile-friendly campaign then you will lose thousands of your valuable customers. It is very important for you to take mobile into consideration to make your marketing business successful. Today, the majority of people around the world use mobile devices to access the web. Make sure to adopt the mobile web version to reach out to people across the world.

2. Always chasing new customers

Another mistake marketers do is they run after new customers. Today, marketers try to reach out to new customers to make their marketing campaign successful in the industry. However the reality is – with marketing, only 20% of your business comes from new customers, and with a whopping 80% comes from existing or repeat customers. Therefore, don’t fail to capture the interest of your existing customers. Make sure to get in touch with your current customer base, otherwise, you will lose out on a lot of profit. Let me tell you that it always costs a company 5 times more to sell a new customer than an existing one. Thereby, if you want to run a successful marketing campaign in this pandemic make sure to follow your present customers.

3. Being too universal in your marketing approach

As a marketer, you all have an urge to get your brand product recognized worldwide. It is quite good! But one thing here is, in the pandemic situation this approach might not work for you. This is a mistake that marketers make. You should know guys that rather than targeting an international audiences, try to target the local one. No matter how much your product has a universal approach; you should always focus on targeting your local customers. This is the best way to successfully run your business even in this pandemic.

4. Increasing the price

This is a very big mistake I would say. Today, the situation is very critical and the economy is falling down. And what marketers are doing is that they’re increasing the price of the products. You must think that people are not working now or they are jobless. If they’re working they’re being paid less amount. Therefore, take a pause to see the moment and situation. Just because your business is feeling the pressure, it doesn’t mean you need to share that feeling with your customers. So try to maintain your business brand and value, you need to maintain your pricing.

5. Not defining your USP

A brand USP stands for Unique Selling Preposition. Define what makes your brand better than any other in the market. Tell your customers why your products and services are unique. Make sure to define every product and service of the business. If you don’t define USP, you will not be able to tell your customers why you’re far better than the other brand in the market. Your customers must know the value of your brand and it is only possible if you tell them USP.

The bottom line

Guys, the present situation is ambiguous and every marketer wants to make their business successful even in this pandemic. To get most of their marketing, marketers do mistakes and follow unwanted strategies that they shouldn’t. In this article, I have explained the 5 major marketing mistakes that marketers commit knowingly and unknowingly. Therefore, to take your business to new heights, make sure not to commit the mistakes that I have discussed above.

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