20 productivity hacks for every writer

Productivity hacks for every writer

Creating a productive, engaging, interesting, quality, and lengthy content consumes plenty of time, and there is no doubt in that. There are some writers who write content for the sake of writing and don’t produce enough engaging content. Do you think writing these kinds of content help you get traffic to your site? Obviously not. As a writer, you must know some tips and tricks to write content to help you save time and produce more quality content.

So if you want to add glory to your content then stick to this article. Today, I am going to talk about the 20 productivity hacks for every writer. If you also want to enhance your writing skills then must read this article and adopt some productivity hacks in your writing.

Let’s get started now.

Top 20 amazing productivity hacks that every writer should follow

1. Always carry an idea notebook

The first productivity hack in our list is using an idea notebook. Yes, every writer should keep a notebook with them so that if any idea occurs in their mind they can easily write it in the notebook. Moreover, you can also use a digital notebook to gather your ideas. You never know when inspiration will strike in your mind. Therefore, you can use your phone also to write down the idea.

2. Use ear plugs while writing

Every writer wants to works in a silent environment because noise can become a hurdle in producing a piece of content. Therefore, to tackle this problem using earplugs is the best option. According to the study, if you wear earplugs, you can focus on your work and can create productive content in less time. Earplugs work as a shield for you in writing content.

3. Set daily writing goals

Every successful blogger or writer has goals in their writing list. The goal is also a productive hack that significantly works in your writing. You will see every successful writer writes and encourages other writers to write at least 500 words daily. Therefore, as a writer, you also have to set writing goals that will help you produce engaging content for your audience.

4. Use writing templates

Writing templates are very helpful in creating a wonderful writing script or blog or article. If you frequently use templates to write a blog, it will enhance your writing skills and you will also write faster. For instance, a template in a business book might contain: define the problem, present two case studies, and finish with suggestions to solve the problem. Moreover, you can also create your own template to structure your article or book.

5. Try to write an outline first

The best way to improve your productivity as an author is to write an outline first. If you are writing a book then start by writing all the chapter titles of the book. In case, you are writing articles, you must gather article titles on advance so that you can save searching time. It will save you time and make your work productive and efficient.

6. Set a timer

This is also an amazing productive hacking tip. If a lot of time you are investing in searching and then writing a blog or article, then you must set a timer to see how much time you take to search and write the same content. Many writers have found this trick very helpful because it saves their time and increases the productivity of work.

7. Turn off your notifications

Nobody likes distraction while working and if something like that happens it kills the productivity and flow of work. The one thing that distracts a lot today is the internet. For example, you are working and your phone vibrates to give a hint of the notifications about different things. Therefore, you must switch off your notifications to concentrate on your work. You can check notifications in your free time.

8. Stop over researching

There are many writers who invest a lot of time researching a particular topic. It becomes a problem when you are assigned many topics to write and whole your time is going into researching.  You need to balance between writing and researching things to give proper time in producing great content.

9. Use a mind map before writing

A mind map is the best way to get an idea of anything you are writing about. It saves you time and gives you an idea to produce content in a unique way. Mind maps help you develop ideas and how you create content. If you want to improve the productivity of your writing skills then you must use mind maps. It will give you fair details about your content.

10. Set targets – daily or weekly

Daily targets are the best way because they help you accomplish goals that you have set on a particular day. Suppose, you’re setting a goal to produce 3 contents daily, then you must write 3 contents on a daily basis. If you don’t set any goal, it will reduce the productivity of your work. Targets help you achieve the goals of your writing. So add productivity in your work by setting targets.

11. Read outside your field

To add creativity in your writing, you must read outside of your field. Suppose, if you write about digital marketing then don’t just stick to digital marketing rather enhance your knowledge by reading technical aspects as well such as SEO, PPC, and blogging. This is a great way to add glory in your writing by learning the art and craft of writing. Therefore, go and read outside of your comfort zone.

12. Make a list

The best way to enhance productivity and save time is only possible if you make a list. You can organize your thoughts and prioritize your tasks by writing a to-do list. Many times a to-do list goes in vain because the situation happens when the thoughts are different and you write on different topics. So avoid this thing otherwise your efforts will be of no use. Try to make a list that is productive and easy to achieve goals.

13. Avoid multitasking

As a writer, you must not make a mistake by doing multiple tasks at a time. If you are writing content then focus on writing content only don’t think like you can do anything simultaneously. You should know that the brain can’t do two things at the same time. For example, you can’t write and watch a film at the same time. If you do so then you will end up making a lot of errors.

14. Use distraction free writing tools

The writing work becomes easier when you write on a desktop, computers, or laptops. You can easily cut and paste text without distraction. However, computers are also full of distractions because anytime you can get pop-ups appearing on your screen. To avoid this problem, you can use tools such as FocusWriter, Ommwriter or Write or Die.

15. Plan what you are going to write each day

How does it feel when you want to write something but you have nothing to write on? This is the worst feeling because looking at a blank page without having any idea to write will waste your time and energy. So what you can do is make plans about each day so that when you literally start writing, you can have a topic ready for you. Writing every day is important to maintain consistency in your work.

16. Make headlines more emotional

Every writer wants to engage their audience towards their content. This is only possible if you write emotional and engaging headlines in your content. For example, 5 surprising facts about marketing, generate high ROI with these tricks, etc. This type of headings will surely make your content look engaging and productive.

17. Talk about story not just facts

People love to know and read about stories. As a writer, if you only talk about facts and figures, chances are your readers might get frustrated and leave your content in middle. So to keep your audience engaging, you must talk about stories that can engage your audience and keep them stick to your content.

18. Finish with a strong call to action

Do you want your readers to contact you directly? If yes, then you should add a call to the action button at the end of your article. It will add value to your content. For example, subscribe to our newsletter for more such interesting articles. Moreover, you can enable them to provoke actions. For example, use this checklist to get other interesting articles.

19. Respond to emails twice a day

Emails are a great way to enhance your writing skills and make your content as productive as possible. Whenever you receive any email try to respond to them as quickly as possible because it will help you connect with your audience. In case, you get an abundance of emails per day, try to check and respond twice in a day – once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

20. Invest in typing class

The last productive hack we have on our list is a typing class. Every writer wants to write as fast as they can save time and write more articles. The average person can type about 40 words per minute which are quite good. But if you think you should type more than this then you have to focus on your writing skills. However, you should also focus on the quality of content otherwise word limit will make your content uninteresting.

Over to you

So the concluding part of the article only says that if you want to become a good writer, you must focus on the productivity of the work you are producing. I hope all the above points have sharpened your knowledge about writing skills and how you can make your work more productive and qualitative. Try to implement these productive hacks in your writing and produce something great and engaging content.

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