Your content should be grammatically correct, how important it is?

grammatically correct content

Know the importance of Grammar in context of digital content

Grammar is the essence or main component of any language if were to describe in simple words just like Robot cannot work without neural scheme similarly a language cannot exist without grammar.

Grammar is important but how important it is and how it affects our writing? It can be understand by these factors:

  • Credibility

Use of proper grammatical correct language ensures credibility in your site especially among the global readers. Poor or incorrect grammatical language will tarnish your site reputation. This damage can further result loss of potential web traffic and fall in web traffic ultimately leads to fall in site ranking.

If you want to establish trust and loyalty with your visitors then use proper grammatical language as much as possible.

For example: You have received an article via email and when you try to decipher the message you found there is lots of spelling, punctuation and other grammatical errors. The question is will you able to publish or share this type of content with anyone? The answer is no.

Even if you try to publish this type of article your site bounce rate will increase drastically. If you try to share this content socially prepare yourself for some quality trolling.

  • Degrading user experience affects readability

If you present content like full off unorganized, incorrect sentences, words etc. what are you thinking how your site visitor will react? Obviously they will try to decipher first with best of their potential. But when they reach their limit they will just move to some another site or webpage and majority of them might be your competitors.

Thus, your potential user is shifting towards your competitor loss in web traffic ultimately loss in business. You may think why visitor moving to another site because their surfing experience getting affected users are not able to decipher or understand your site content. Your site content will increase the frustration of users and degrade their surfing experience. Just because of improper, incorrect grammatical language visitor is moving away from your site.

  • Fall in rankings could receive penalty

Whether it is Bing, Google, Yahoo or any other search engine all of them has approximately 200+ factors on which they rank the site or webpage. To be more precise their algorithm analyzes the site and webpages according to these factors. Among these 200+ factors Grammar is one of them.

Google Panda algorithm update hit upon the issue of low quality content. All those sites and webpages which are indulged in low-quality content get penalized by Google Panda update. The rankings of these sites and webpages fall considerably in Google SERP.

In simple words it is like a chain. If you produce incorrect grammatical content, visitors found it difficult to decipher due to which they get frustrated and leave your page. When large percentage of people leaves your page without reading content then bounce rate will increase. The search engine algorithm will take this increasing bounce rate into their consideration and your webpage/site will receive penalty. Ultimately your site/webpage ranking has been fallen. All these happen due to grammatical error.


By understanding above mentioned points we can say that even if not directly than indirectly grammar affects reputation of site/webpages. So Grammatical incorrect content should not been allowed at any cost. This type of content will only gave birth to major problems.