Why youngsters are deleting social media account?

youngsters are deleting social media account.

Social media is boon to the communication sector. It has revolutionized the communication sector. For youngsters it is proven to be a bane.  In many countries like U.S.A, Britain etc. youngsters are deleting their social media account. Also they are delinking from it permanently.  There are various reasons for it and we are going to enlist some of those let’s get straight into this:

Some basic reasons for deleting social media account.

  • Deteriorating relationship:

Social media is made for socialization. Unfortunately it is dissocializing us from family, friends or relatives. Ask yourself when you last time visited to your uncle or your grandmother house or any person whom you used to play a lot during your childhood? 

Majority of us will answer 2 or 3 years ago. That’s what social media has done to our society. It has connected us digitally but deteriorated our engagement or relationship physically.

Beside this teenagers at the age group of 15-18 even doesn’t engage in outdoor sports or activities that much. The teenagers of developed nations have realized this and start delinking themselves from social media platforms by deleting the account permanently.  

  • Get out of vicious loop:

Another reason that forced the youngsters across the globe to delink themselves from social media completely. They want time for themselves and want to reduce the wastage of time.

Social media is distracting teenager’s mind at the age of making career or going for higher studies. Many youngsters worldwide has realize that lot of time got wasted on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other social media platforms.

Many youngsters made their social media account in early age during school days. Now after passing 20-21yrs of their age they realized that it is almost impossible to free themselves from the social media.

They have developed a habit of scrolling down notifications, messages which are just occupying their mind with unnecessary things. Therefore, many youngsters across the globe have deleted their social media accounts to enjoy the each moment of life and live more freely.   

  • Health related issues got sort out:

There used to be a time when our mother complaints how long we will play outside? At what time we return back to home? Now in this generation parents forced their children to go outside, meet your friends, play with them etc. After forcing and requesting again and again children don’t want go. They love to spent time with their mobile or their social media account.

Unfortunately due to less involvement in outdoor sports and physical activities, teenagers of this era have prone to more health related issues. Diseases like leprosy, cardiac problem, obesity, etc. all are becoming common phenomenon in the teenagers of this era.

Many nations started worldwide campaigns to encourage youngsters to deactivate their social media account completely. Instead of using social media, encourage teenagers to play outdoor sports like Rugby, football, basketball etc. any game they like.

  • More relaxation you attain peace of mind:

Although it is true that delinking your-self from something that you using from so long is quite difficult. First few months you feel loneliness but after some time you start enjoying the headspace or peace of mind.

No more unwanted comments, political messages, violent posts which you see on daily basis. The biggest change you see in yourself that you will get more time to engage in outdoor activities or your studies you can plan better for future goals. Also you can spend more time with family, friends and relatives. You start observing world from different perspective and frame of mind.


By understanding above mentioned points we can say that social media impact our social lives badly. Anyone should have control over their mind. Everything has some good or bad effect. It’s up to us, how we handle anything. I personally use social media platforms like Facebook, twitter etc. I used all these platforms just to get information what’s going on around us or across the globe. You need to handle the social media account smartly otherwise social media will handle you.