Why bloggers give up?

I know blogging is neither easy nor tough the way we think of it. If I see the ratio then 95% of bloggers have no idea what they’re doing. However, I’m not judging these bloggers or criticizing them but it’s all about the situation which has little to do with writing talent or online savvy. And those who master the art of writing can survive the world of blogging otherwise they end up quitting blogging.

Are you also thinking of quitting blogging? Well, before you take any step to become a ‘failed blogger’ you must go through this blog post to understand some myths or reasons why blogger gives up. Even if you’re new to the world of blogging, there are few tips that you should never escape. So keep reading the article till the end.

Some of the reasons why bloggers give up

1. Content is King

This is what most of you think when you enter into the blogging world, right? Well, let me tell you it’s simply not true at least not in the begging. No matter how good a blogger you’re or how creative your writing is, people simply won’t read your content till the time they can’t find it.

Furthermore, in the blogosphere, you must engage with other bloggers by networking or guest posting. This is how you promote your content in the market. So, once you established yourself you must feel relaxed and focus on your content only.

2. The pressure to Post Daily

Yes, a lot of bloggers feel the pressure on posting daily on the website. This pressure enables bloggers to write irrelevant content just to post daily and because of this you’re bound to make mistakes. Rather than feeling the pressure of posting daily, you must spend time to educate yourself about all aspects of blogging: designs, content, promotion, marketing, SEO basics technical stuff, etc.

The best advice is to spend 30% of your time writing posts. You can post twice a week too. Learn what it takes to write a successful blog. Spend your energy more on educating yourself rather than feel under pressure.

3. Too much of Expectations

We all aspect something but little expectation is good and more expectations can lead to destruction. This is what many bloggers do they expect a lot. They want everything in a short span of time which is not good at all. You must be inspired by other established or famous bloggers but never get distracted by their fame or journey. You must always enjoy the process of building your blogging business. That’s why don’t expect too much to soon, just focus on being persistence, consistency, and have the patience to enjoy the process and wait for the fruitful results.

4. Tons of Traffic is Required to be Successful

Having a great amount of traffic is good for any blogger or web operator. Sites having huge traffic are more likely to be seen in reading by people. However, bloggers who aren’t getting a huge amount of traffic from social media sites, no need to get stressed over it and don’t try to stick yourself to it for getting more traffic. You must learn the work to get traffic from blogs that you regularly go to. Having a few hundred readers on your site is better than thousands of visitors. Readers are genuinely one who can drive more traffic to your site.

5. Lack of Comments, Shares and Engagement on Blog Posts

Are comments, sharing, and engagement everything for you? No, it’s not so. All these things are just ways to see how great your blog is. These metrics can also tell you the popularity of your blog, but there are many more tactics that can help you measure the success of your content. One such is your conversion rate.

If your content is successfully converting visitors into subscribers, customers, and clients then you must not worry about the number of comments, likes, social shares, etc.

Putting it all together 

Folks, there are many more reasons for quitting blogging other than what I have discussed above. I know sometimes it becomes difficult even to write content on a relevant topic that can attract an audience which is why thousands of bloggers give up almost every month.

I just want to say that if you try to understand and avoid the above-mentioned points or reasons for quitting. So you should always focus on what is good for your blogging and learn from other points rather than just simply quitting it.

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