What you think about internal PageRank, is it a waste of time?

internal Page Rank

In today’s article, I will be talking about internal page rank and why it is considered as a waste of time. Page rank is the first algorithm used by Google to evaluate your web pages. Page rank algorithm gives value to each and every incoming link a web page gets. Every incoming link increases page rank whereas links from pages with high page rank have high value and matter more.

Let’s try to understand what internal page rank is

I’ll be very specific with the internal PageRank concept – the Internal PageRank is the PageRank which considers only pages in your analysis scope, as opposed to the standard PageRank used by search engines which takes into account the entire web or significant part of the web they have visibility over.

In simple words, the internal PageRank indicates how your website’s PageRank is allotted within your website. It also helps you check where your website link juice flows to irrespective of how much PageRank your website receives from other websites. You can also find out where PageRank is concentrated on your website, also check if pages of your website structure as significant through your internal linking structure are indeed your important pages.

Why internal Page Rank is considered a waste of time?

First, let me tell you that PageRank is very significant as it attempts to measure a web page’s importance. Pages with higher rank have more weight in “voting” with their links than pages with lower PageRank. A PageRank is a ranking system designed to find the best pages on the web.

But why am I telling you the importance of PageRank guys? This is basically because after having so much importance still PageRank is considered a waste of time. Is it really so?

Read what Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter about Internal Page Rank. He said “I think it’s a waste of time to do that, if it doesn’t work, don’t use it. In practice, people waste their time on it anyway”. He believes that using the nofollow link attributes for internal PageRank sculpting is a waste of time.  

Know how Page Rank works

Page Rank is a proprietary mathematical formula (algorithm) that Google uses to measure the importance of a particular web page/URL based on incoming links. The PageRank algorithm allots each web page a numeric value. That value is a particular URL’s PageRank. Let me also tell you that by using PageRank, you’re able to order search results so that more important and central web pages are given importance. PageRank determines the order relevant pages are shown in.

A final call on Internal Page Rank

Folks, after reading the entire concept of Internal PageRank, I hope now you have your own point of view or perception of whether Internal PageRank is a waste of time or not.

I would say that Page Rank is important as it can help you determine if your site shows up first or last when potential customers look for your keywords. What John Mueller said about Internal is his perception we should not abide by his statement. If Internal Page Rank is beneficial for your site or if it’s fetching your site a good rank then it’s really good for you rather than a waste of time.

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