What will happen when Google’s title will not match to page title?

Google's title tag

We all know the importance of the page title in the Google search engine result pages. The page title of any site is what first catches the eyes of the audience. A great title increases click-through rates and more traffic to your site. This is the reason we try to craft an authentic and relevant title. The page title is not only one of the top on-page ranking factors, but also the first introduction of your site that searchers look on your website. However, sometimes you get annoyed as Google shows another title for your site completely in the search result snippet. Right?

Let’s understand why Google does so and how you can get rid of this problem.

The purpose of Google to change your original title?

We know that the title tags and the Meta descriptions are the suggestions for the search engine that displays in the results. You can’t expect from Google and Bing and other search engines to display exactly what you want them to display. In fact, many times, the search engine will not display the titles and tags specified by you.

I know folks, this is frustrating but there is a purpose for it and it’s also not that Google is biased or wants to get you out from the search results. You must remember that Google’s ultimate goal is to provide the relevant, authentic, and first-class search results to its users. 

Let’s know what Google’s Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts says on why Google changes your title. Basically Google looks for three things that include:

  1. Something relatively short and precise.
  2. A good description of the page and ideally the site that the page is on.
  3. That it’s somehow relevant to the query. 

Let’s see what the situations are where the search engine won’t display your original title tags or Meta description. These are:

  • The specified title isn’t relevant to the search query.
  • The specified title is too short or too long.
  • The title or Meta description specified by you is not accurate and doesn’t reflect what your page is really about. 
  • Your title or Meta description isn’t specified.
  • Multiple occurrences of a title specified in your HTML code.

What will happen when Google’s title doesn’t match to page title?  

I already told you many reasons behind the Changement in the title and the Meta description. Now I will tell you what exactly happens when your original title doesn’t match with Google page. Understand it with the following points:

  • You will see the wrong search code.
  • You may also not see the preferred title in search engines.
  • May be search engine ignored your preferred title and you might face the issue with Meta description.

Some tips to make your original title to appear on your site page

The following tips will help you to improve the odds and allow Google to use your original page title and Meta description. Below are the tips to be followed:

  • Always make sure your page titles and Meta description follows the requirements of Google. You must keep your titles and Meta description around 60-160 characters.
  • Try to write your title in the way so that it can reflect accurately what your page is about. Never try to stuff your title with keywords in the hope of getting a good rank on Google.
  • Make sure you include at least one instance of title tags and Meta description on your page. Use correct syntax.
  • Tell the search engines not to use other dictionaries to drive your information. If your query doesn’t match the information provided by you then the search engine will change the information and make it more relevant.


With this blog, I just want to tell you guys that you will never have full control over how your site appears on search engine result pages on Google. It’s all in Google’s hand. It is advised you that you follow and fulfill the requirements of Google. I have already told you above the ways you can follow to make your titles and Meta description to appear more authentic and relevant one so that it can fetch you a good rank of your site.

However, whatever changes Google does in your page title is only to make your site more relevant and there is nothing to worry about, but if you want your original title then you must follow the guidelines of Google.

For more info get in touch with us till then keep reading.