What will happen if you build too many links too fast?

What will happen if you build too many links too fast

We all are surrounded by the misconception that ‘more is better’. Didn’t get my point? Wait; let me bring this point in building links on the website. So there are lots of people who think that adding or building more links to the website is better. Why do they think so? Well, it’s all about getting quality traffic and click-through rates to the website. However, in the hope of getting the site more accessible and visible on the internet, people end up hurting their site ranking by adding an abundance of links to their site.

Let me tell you, folks, link building is good but in limited quantity. Not only it enhances the rank of your site but it also boosts your SEO. That’s why I have come up with this guide to help you understand what happens if you build too many links too fast. So let’s start.

What happens if you build too many links too fast?

First of all, you no need to worry even if you build too many links too fast. You won’t be hit with the penguin or Google penalty, but make sure that your links are of high quality, authentic, relevant, and aren’t rich in the anchor text.

However, building too many links of poor quality or irrelevant might hurt your site search engine ranking for sure. It also depends on how many links you create from a particular domain. If you build a large number of domains from a particular or single domain then it is unnatural link building for search engine which might cause the penalty for your website.

Furthermore, even after building links to your site and you don’t see the sharp climb in search traffic. It simply means either the links are of low quality or your content is thin. You can add more pages to your site in case these two things are not arising. It will simply fix the issue and lead to more traffic. So, don’t get fret if you don’t notice an increase in traffic right away.

Let me clear one thing here is that even if you build high-quality links to your website it will take at least three to six months for the results to start showing up.

So how many links you should build?

As I told you above misconceptions are everywhere ‘more is good’ but here you need to look for ‘quality than quantity’. People build too many links in the hope of getting a good rank on their website. It also doesn’t matter how many links your competitors have, you must focus on quality.

So, in short, I’m trying to tell you must build as many quality links as possible. I know you won’t be able to beat sites having 10,000 links, but surely you will have many more authoritative links, which will eventually outrank your competitions.

Final words! 

In this final note, I just want to highlight that building too many links too fast is not an issue but you have to make sure that whatever links you’re building are of high quality. One thing also keeps in mind that doesn’t create too many links from the same website rather diversify your links. Always try to generate links from different sources.

Building low-quality links might create a problem for you and Google can also penalize your site and it will ultimately have a negative impact on your site ranking.

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