What to do with old used content?

old used content

As a blogger, what you do with your old used contents? I know, you really don’t aware with the exact answer to this question.

For any blogger, content is his business of sharing ideas. To get traffic to your site, you consistently come up with new ideas and turn those ideas into blog posts that attract your readers. Sometimes, we generally don’t get ideas to write on, and our previous contents get old and people usually don’t like reading them again and again. So what should you do with those old used contents?

Sometimes, all your contents need a little refreshing and repurposing to keep your audience interested. So, if you exactly don’t know what you can do with your old used contents then you can keep on reading the article below.

Thinks that you can do with your old used contents

Following are the tips that you can do with your old used contents.

– Refresh and update old contents

If you think your posts are too old and outdated then you must update, refresh and publish them as new. You can make some adjustments, additions, and use some new ideas in your old contents. If you modify old contents in this way it can generate traffic to your site again.

– Repost and re-promote to social media

Social media are one of the best sites for promoting anything in the digital market. It might be hectic to share the same content to the same audience, but we have found it to be effective in reaching people in different time zones, reaching new followers, and generating more leads. Repost can bring in 75% of the engagement of the original share.

– Create an e-book

You might have written many blogs till now. And if decide to create an e-book based on your blog posts, you need to take the time to supplement with additional information or research. You can add photos; make the e-book that is something worth investing.  

– Get social

If you think your contents are too old then you can just simply re-share an old post. By providing interesting, helpful contents, you’ll be able to improve your social media engagement and gain new blog traffic at the same time.

You can take the help of Quora for repurposing your blog content. Users ask questions on thousands of subjects on different-different topics. By doing so, you can expose new subscribers to your blog site.

– Reinforce your message

You can reinforce your message via old content. According to Kevan Lee of Buffer, repetition is important with marketing. So you need to make sure rather than covering a topic once and letting it disappear into the archives, repurpose your articles or contents to consistently deliver your message to your audience.


I hope, by now you have understood what you can do with your old used contents. The above-mentioned points will help you in repurposing your old contents. Repurposing or recycling contents doesn’t mean that you reuse an old piece of content again and again. You need to do true repurposing which requires alteration in old content to make it fresh and appealing to a new audience.

So if you repurpose your old used contents it will be beneficial for you to target a new audience for your website. Get in touch with us for any kind of digital marketing services.