What to do to stay away from Google Penalty?

stay away from Google Penalty

Google penalty is the negative rating on Website’s search rankings based on updates of Google search algorithms or manual review. Most of the time site or webpages are penalized by Google due to the update in its search engine algorithm.

The intentional penalty can be granted in case of violation of Google webmaster guidelines.  Everybody hate penalty. Here the question is what to do and what not to do to stay away from getting penalized by Google.

Today in this article we will discuss about it. Let’s get jump into this:

Follow these steps to stay away from Google penalty

1. Don’t buy or purchase links:

Since everyone were aware of how backlinks are essential for ranking the site or webpage in search engine result pages.

Backlinks are an essential SEO practice used for ranking sites and webpages in SERPs (search engine result pages).

Unfortunately, there are people over the internet who sells the links and if you purchase these links then Google can grant you a penalty.

Purchasing of any type of link considered as black hat SEO practice and violation of Google webmaster guidelines. So it is better if you don’t get involved in this practice. If you want to acquire quality backlinks then create it by guest blogging or establishing a relationship with any other brand. Just don’t buy it.

2. Don’t use over stuffed keywords:

It is also a way to avoid getting penalized by Google. From the old times, it is considered as the rightful practice of ranking site and webpages over Search engine result pages. 

Unfortunately this overstuffing of keywords tactic is considered as unethical in the eyes of Google.

Google marked it as a black hat SEO long ago. If you used this practice now then you might get penalized by Google. Overstuffing of keywords is considered a violation of Google webmaster guidelines.

So don’t apply this trick anymore because Google can grant your site or webpage penalty for this unethical practice. For using better keywords strategy you can take the help of various keyword research tools such as:

a. KW Finder:

It is powerful keyword research tool helps the user in tracking of best long tail keywords.

Essential features:

  • This tool provides the keyword suggestion based on Seed keywords in keyword research.
  • This tool provides the question based keywords for the better understanding of your sector.
  • It comes with auto-complete API integration feature to obtain more LSI (Latent semantic indexing) keywords.

b. Google trends:

It is a website service provided by Google. This service analyzes the popularity of top search queries or keywords in Google search across various regions and languages.

Essential features are:

  • This tool can track the seasonal trends or you can say ongoing trends.
  • It also helps its users to find relevant and high search volume keywords
  • This tool helps the user in planning of content calendar
  • This tool is embedded with the feature of related queries. By using this feature user can find new keywords and keyword ideas.

3. Regularly check backlinks and removes bad ones from your site:

It is the best trick you can apply for remain to stay away from Google penalty.

Always check the links of your site because a single bad link could prove catastrophic for your site. It might be possible that you intentionally do not add any bad link with your site but this is a competition. 

Your business competitors are intentionally diverting and sending the bad links towards your site. By doing this they tried to devalue your site from Google search engine rankings.

It will automatically benefit them in order to avoid this regularly review the status of your site links. You can take help of these online backlink tools such as:

a. Ahrefs:

It is the digital marketing tool specializes in backlink analysis of website. It is a powerful link research analysis tool.

The tool uses their own bot and index for the analyzing of millions of websites.

Essential features of Ahrefs are:

  • This tool also allows its users to filter backlinks on the basis of language.
  • This tool also sends backlink notifications.

b. Majestic SEO:

It is the digital marketing tool that specializes in backlinks.  It is also called as backlink intelligence tool.  

The tool is especially designed for marketers for searching keywords, rank tracking, monthly search volume and other SEO tasks.

Essential features are:

  • This tool provides customizable reports
  • It has bulk backlink checker facility
  • This tool is also embedded with the feature of keyword checker
  • It can provide you timely E-mail alerts.

You can use these backlink tools for improving the quality of your backlinks. These tools provide all necessary suggestions of improving your link quality.

Apart from this they also tell you about the condition of your competitor’s site. They can evaluate the links of their site and provide you detailed report.


By following above mentioned tips you can successfully stay away from being getting penalized by Google. In future for avoiding any risk regarding the Google penalty remember one thing more than SEO strategies, it is the content which plays a crucial role.

“Content is the king” if your content is of high quality, you will attract high-quality links and keywords but if the quality of your content is low, then vice-versa will happen. 

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